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Fritschi Freeride - Bad Mount?

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I just picked my new skis that were mounted with the Freerides and upon inspection I noticed that the metal shaft that runs down the center of the binding is not perfectly aligned with the heel locking peice that's mounted on the ski. The result is some rubbing as the binding is moved in and out of the locking peice. This occurs on both bindings. One was so bad that the tech took it back in the the shop, removed the binding and checked the drill holes against the jig. He says everything was in the right spot and upon reinstallation he was able to reduce the rubbing so it wasn't so severe.

This is my first AT setup and I am not sure if this is common or what? Does anyone have experience with this? I'd expect that as your skinning up a slope it's natural that a ski going to flex and may cause alignment issues, but it seems odd that a freshly mounted binding would do that in the shop.

The good thing is that the shop will take care of it if there's a problem.
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Looks like this right? (source TGR)

Problem was posted at TGR here. After some speculation, some members with experience mounting these bindings basically said once in a long while this just happens, and it doesn't seem to affect the function in skiing or touring. Make sure the shop used a jig wide enough for the ski, and it aligned correctly, Make sure the binding is properly hinged and aligned (possible replacement from BD?).

Sorry to hear you are going through so much hassel with this. If what you got is worse than the example above, I would complain, maybe have the shop try a different set of bindings to see if the hinge is torqued.
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I had one like the photo cirquemonster put up. Gave the bar a tug and it was perfect. Probably just the screws setting in the countersink. A micro millimeter at the front will show up at the heel. They just have a bit of play and it doesn't affect the action, and is of no consequence once clamped in.

I agree, any more than that example is not good, but a little off center in climbing mode won't hurt.

I just got off the mountain. I checked climbing up and found with just a little torque I could wobble it to either side of the V at the heel. No big deal...flawless performance up and down. Time to get out on snow and stop worrying about those things that seem important in the off season.
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Thanks for the info, particularly the TGR link. Sounds like it's not a big deal...can't wait to the Mantras out and ski them.
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