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I am a lvl 7, Aggressive skier. I am 24 years old, 5'11" 180 lbs in good athletic shape. I currently ski 03 Atomic C9+ centro310 bindings(DIN8.25) skis 160 cm. I ski primarily East coast PA and VT on mostly Blues, Blacks and Double Blacks. I feel that my current skis are not very stable at high speed and have trouble on ice and crud. I am not sure why (Ski type, length, or ability): ? I am thinking about upgrading to Atomic SX9 or SX10's this year as I want to push myself even further with my abilities, including moguls. Does anyone think that maybe the problem is with the ski or the length, my friends mostly have 170's and I have trouble keeping up with them speed wise so I wasnt sure if length might also be a possible problem. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks
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Welcome to EpicSki, ac14njm!

I'm sure that you're not really 2 years old. So, what is that, really?

The SX9 and SX10 are very effective on hard snow. What kind of conditions do you seek? Bumps? Trees? Groomed? What mix?

Did you read the FAQ (sticky thread at the top of this forum)?
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Sorry that was a typo, I meant i have been actively skiing for 2 years. I love to ski groomed trails with bumps, the steeper the better. I have not read the top first forum yet. Sorry I will do that before i ask any more questions. Thanks again
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I am similar dimensions and level as you and I would have thought 170-175 would be a good length for you - that is, for a general all-mountain ski. Or, 162 for a Metron. I've just bought some 170 Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous but would have considered the 178 if I was spending more than 50% of my time in powder, which I'm not. I'm pretty sure an Atomic C9 in 160 is too short for you (surely fun in the bumps tho'??).
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