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Nordica Hor Rod TF 178

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Well this is my review after 3 days on the ski. I'll update this post when the snow gets deeper

Ski: Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel 178
Conditions: Groomed natural and man made, small Icy bumps
Skier: 5'10" 165 lbs, ex-racer, ex-shop guy, ex-instructor
Boot used: Lange comp 120

Other skis in quiver: Bandit XXX 185, K2 piste pipe tele 183
Just unloaded: Rossi B3 185, Rossi B2 182, Salomon 1080 177, VOlkl G31 188


So far this ski is amazing. It carves very clean long and medium radius turns in a variety of shapes. Loads of energy and can change direction very quickly.

The X-balance system works. This is the first binding system that I have felt to actually add value to the ski on the snow. I demoed the Speed machine last year and also could feel the binding working for me. I was never able to say the same for all the versions of Salomon's pilot that I have tried. It took less than 6 turns to find the sweet spot on this ski.

Length on this ski has been a topic of discussion. If you ski strong don't be afraid of the 178. The 170 was recommended to me and I am very happy I stuck to the 178.

Try before you buy but add this ski to your demo short list. Is it a "one ski qiver" like the marketing suggests? I'll let you know when the deep snow arrives.

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Crudfish, thanks for the great review; lucky you!

How did you find it in short turns? Pure arcs versus "scarving"?

Where did you find the "sweet spot?" Any particular adjustments you made?
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Cannot wait to try these out! Had to break down and order the special combo of TF's and Hot Rod boots. The deal was just too good to pass up. I hope to be running these by the end of the month.
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"scarving"-good term. They carve best in a medium radius turn. This ski is not going to be as clean as a SL racer but damn good considering the girth IMO.

There are two recommended binding positions on the ski. I chose the one mounted toward the tail labeled "expert". I don't plan on experimenting with the other position. Why mess with a good thing?
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You may find them quicker in shorter turns in the forward position.

I've got to get on a pair! I'd like to compare them to the Metron:b5s.
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I don't...not at 999 Euro plus bindings. Sorry, I pass.
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Mind you, I would love to have a pair of Hot Rod, also in 178...but not for the price they're sold here. I can't afford that.
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Originally Posted by ssh
You may find them quicker in shorter turns in the forward position.
...would be interesting to try, have fun Crudfish. Still wondering why go long though?
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Originally Posted by HaveSkisWillClimb
...would be interesting to try, have fun Crudfish. Still wondering why go long though?
Because they feel perfect.

They got a full day of soft bumps Sunday at a-basin. Perfect there too. Great skis.
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I'm real interested in your opinions. Since I only buy skis every five years or so and have been suggested the HRTF.

My last pair were 198 Volkl G30's which I've loved. But now I feel like my knees need something easier to ski (due to bone-on-bone arthritis). I'm 6'8", 230 lbs and ski 90% off-piste. Do you think the HRTF 186's would be too stiff for trees and crud?

I guess my other considerations would be the HRNitrous, Volkl AC3's or even a shorter length HRTF.
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