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2002 Elan GSX tuning?

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Just bought a pair of 2002 GSX's in a 176. How should this ski be tuned for typically grabby Northwest snow? I have heard the ski is very tune-sensitive. Also, how do I find the mid-point? It doesn't seem to be marked on the ski.

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I ski my SLX's at 3 on the side and 1 on the base. They work beautifully, and that is also what Hans, my rep reccommended. Iw ould assume that it is the same for the GSX, but i could be wrong. If youre considering mounting them yourself call Elan and find out the measurements for mounting the skis, but if i were you i would take it to a shop that can do it the right way. Did you get the Vist race plate for them? That ski is a blast, i hope you have fun on it. The sidewalls will probably have to be stripped quite a bit in order to tune them. My SLX's have to have a lot of sidewall removed for some reason. I thought that this was unusual until i received my stock SLX's from Utah... they had nearly all of the extra sidewall stripped from the side of the ski, even thought there is a lot of edge left on them. I had never seen this much taken off a ski before, even i didnt remove close to that much when i did the first tune. Also make sure you tune them before you ski them, they come with a very crappy or non existent tune on them.
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The GSX is made in a 176 for both retail and the race-stock model. Which one do you have? If you got the T model, your rep should have hooked you up with the plate that Vist makes special for Elan (it has an Elan logo on the side).

I have the spec. sheet from the Elan USA Race Dep. in front of me and the M.P. on the 176 GSX T is 740mm, measured from tail-to-tip. I hope that helps.

As for the tune, I tuned my SLXT's with 0 deg. base edge under foot and .5 deg. and the tip and tail, and 3 deg. side edge. I have never been on a ski that held so well or hooked up so early. For my GSXT's that I got a few weeks ago, I have .5 deg. underfoot tapering to 1 deg. in the tip and tail, with 5 deg. side edge. I've only used them twice in the gates so far, but their performance is better than I could have hoped for. I like them so much that I sold my 03 race-stock Fischer GS's and my retail GSX's. I snapped up a few pair of SLXT's and GSXT's already for next year because I can't see finding any other skis which will out-perform the Elans. They are that good.

You have the smoothest, most powerful GS ski on the hill. Enjoy [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Mike - Do you have any way of making a copy of that spec sheet and sending it to me over the internet?? I for some reason misplaced mine and have no clue where it went. I'm pretty sure that i got it back when i had the skis mounted so it could be in my room at school. But i figure that it is a nice guide to have around just in case. Also in refrence to the mounting position... On the SLX T it is slightly foreward of what the mounting position is on the regular SLX. This is for the 155cm and 154cm lengths respectively. It could actually be identicle for the GSX T and the GSX.
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Sorry, I'm not computer savy enough to figure out how to do that, but I'll be happy give you any info you need.

The MP on the 155 SLXT is 675mm measured tail-to-tip. I don't know what it is for the retail SLX. I sold my 154 and 162's so I could could stock up on the T's for next year. I now have 3 pair of SLXT's and 2 GSXT's...jealous?

A guy from the Elan race dep. told me to take a hacksaw and cut the middle 2 or 3 inches out of the Vist plate, which leaves you with a seperate toe and heel piece (for the sl skis). It really works. The ski flexes much more naturally than with a solid plate. It makes sense because a thick plate on a short ski can really stiffen up the tail. Give it a try. I put a chopped plate on my stock Fischer SL's which I hated, and now they freakin' rip.

The tune I put on the skis is my own work and not on the spec sheet. However, I would suggest that you try a sl ski with as little as 0 deg base edge. I can't feel any difference in how they roll onto edge, but they sure as seem to grip like a gorilla.
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I'm not sure there is anything you could do to the T's to make them not grip . The 3 on side and 1 on base has been working great for me, they never seem to not have grip, even through the transition they stay really smooth. The edges on the T's dont seem to dull as fast as they do on the other two SLX's i have. And i am jealous... i dont need anymore SLX's - i have three as it is now... just not all T's. I could use a 176cm GSX T though. I only have one pair of GS skis right now and in turny courses those things are work. They 182cm salomon race stock boards... in the turny courses if you can make them turn your very very fast and smooth but you cant just chill over the center of your skis and let them do the work. I'd like to have a pair of GSX T's with a Vist plate in a slightly shorter length for turny courses. If you decide you dont want your racers at the end of the season let me know, you may have a buyer. I dont think i can afford them new right now - even on the form. BTW - hod did you get so many skis on the form - i thought they limited it to two pairs per person...
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I did not get any of them on forms. It's not what you know, it's who you know
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Ahhh i see, who do you know?? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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