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Ski trip location help for 1/06

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Am new to this forum, but interested in feedback re location for a ski trip late January '06. 4 of us are flying from the southeast US and looking for a not-outrageously-expensive-but-fun (who isn't?) spot to ski.

Criteria: Short trip (~5 days so proximity of air travel to ski location may be important), we are all moderate skiers (mostly blue and green/blues), the height of the lifts (I know this sounds weird but some places are more outrageous than others and a few of us have height issues), and having some non-ski things to do for one day might be nice. We have (only) skied Steamboat Springs and Snowmass...looking for something different. I have a friend going to Jackson Hole, and wonder if that is a reasonable place for non-hard-core skiers, as a side trip to Yellowstone would be cool. I have heard great things about Utah, but actually airfare to Salt Lake City offsets many of the cost advantages of not needing to stay at a resort. Still that would be a possibility. Whistler has some great price deals offered but hear stories about more risk of rain, and that is quite a stretch as far as a flight.

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated, particularly in re to Utah or Jackson Hole.
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If you like greens and blues, Jackson Hole is probably not the place you want to go. Most of the terrain there is for upper intermediates through advanced skiiers. There's some stuff thats easier, but it is not very abundant. They're also not very big on grooming which sounds like it would be important. Additionally, Yellowstone Park is usually only accessable via snowmobile in the winter and I do not believe the entrance closest to JH would be open at that time of the year. Whistler wouldn't be a good call if you're looking to keep your travel time short. In terms of bang for the buck you should check out Keystone, Copper or Winter Park. They're all easily accessible from Denver and usually have some attractive price deals. They all have a bunch of nice beginner and intermediate terrain. You may also want to check out Heavenly in Lake Tahoe. Lots of blue cruisers and its easy to get to from Reno airport (bout 35 minutes). As for lift tower heights.... that varies from lift to lift.... I can't think of a single resort out there that doesn't have at least one or two very high towers.
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From the Baltimore/Washington area the answer is almost a no brainer - Utah - due to good airfares and close proximity of SLC airport to great slopes. For your group the specific Utah area I would recommend is Park City for plentiful intermediate skiing and a nice town.
I've heard tell that there are sometimes cheap fares from the Southeast (Atlanta?) directly into little Hayden Airport next to Steamboat Springs, CO. That is another destination with good intermediate terrain and a nice town.

Lifts are fairly earthbound at these two. Somewhere in epic forums there is a thread on ski areas with scary lifts. Jackson Hole, particularly the tram, would not be the place for the acrophobic.

Oops, sorry just noticed you've done Steamboat. Then I would second the Winter Park and Summit County (including Breckenridge) as good options.
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