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End of season Demo Sales - GS9 - looks like a good carving ski with a tad of flex.

Any feedback? Price is about 400 and it's in excellent shape.

My brother is an intermediate skier and I'm thinking of snagging it for him so he can work on carving more. (we're heading to Nubs Nob for two days tonight - conditions are excellent there which is also where these closeout ski specials are going on)

And, since it's a 160 length, for me to play with as it's turning radius is quite short and might be fun. (My brother doesn't want me to buy him skis, but I can buy it and let him borrow it) He is 5ft 7in and 180 lbs. This looks like it might be a great groomer ski for him.

They also have the shortest (160 something) 6 stars but I think these would be too stiff for him.

They also have a Volkl 724 pro in a 160 as well. Overall, it looked like the Atomic might be the best fit.
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Well - I think ths GS9 looks just peachy! I'd buy one at that price!
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Oh good, I was beginning to think, no one had any opinions of this ski. Thanks John!

(off to nubs for 2 days - come say hi!)
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Atomic GS9 in 160cm may be too short for 180 lb man. There is no metal in this ski (except edges, of course) and I found it to be somewhat unstable at high speeds, even in 180 lenght (I'm 185 lb).
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