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Getting back into the sport

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It's been a few years since I've skied and I'm really itching to hit the slopes. I started when I was about 11 or 12, raced in jr high and high school and often skied 4 times a week. I slowed down a bit in college, then pretty much stopped after graduating. I did find some time to teach my now wife to ski, but we haven't been in a few years.

I used to work at a ski shop during my Christmas breaks in college, so I was up on equipment. However, I'm pretty clueless these days! I'm skiing on a set of 188 K2 El Caminos from 1998 or so. At the time, those seemed pretty short since I used to race GS on 205s and slalom on 195s.

After poking around a bit and leafing through a few ski mags, seems that some are skiing on skis even shorter than what I'm skiing on. Also, seems the side cuts are bit more radical than what I'm used to.

What's the average length of a decent all mountain/cruiser ski? I used to love really going fast on a nice open trail. But I also enjoyed hitting the terrain park every now and again.
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How big are you?
Do you do all your skiing in the east?
At the beginning of the gear section there is an excellent "sticky". Include all the relevent information and you can get some pretty good answers about why members think you should ski on what they ski on. Actually, there are some very well-informed folks here.
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Glenn J, welcome to EpicSki!

As Lostboy mentions, there's a Gear FAQ in the Gear Discussion forum. Check that out first. Then, if you'd like to have some of us make an effort to give you some suggestions on what to demo, come back and let us know. There are also a lot of threads here on the difference between the various current skis.
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Thanks guys. I'm about 5'10", 175/180 lbs. I guess I should have read the sticky before posting this. LOL! I'm just trying to get a feel for what's going on with skis these days.

Am I dating myself by skiiing on the ol' El Caminos? I hope I don't loook like those dudes who used to ski on "Olin Mark IV" skis with metal bindings back when I was younger...

Anyway, I have to get my wife some gear first. When teaching her, we just rented skis in case it was something she didn't like. On a side note, I know they tell you to never ever teach your significant other to ski. We must have been the exception to the rule because it went very well and we had a blast.

Can I post pics here or do they have to be linked? I'll take some pics of my gear this weekend.
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If you are a supporter, you can post pics here. Otherwise, you have to link to them.

Yeah, they're kinda like the Mark IVs. Sorry, friend!

Lots of nice women's skis these days. The K2 Luv series seem to get really great reviews from the ladies, but there are Volkls, Elans, Atomics, and others that are also good skis. At her skill level, the new skis will really help.

BTW, I'd also like to suggest that you attend the EpicSki Academy this year together. In four days you will experience such a dramatic improvement in your skiing that it's difficult to communicate. Check it out in the Special Events forum or over at http://esa.epicski.com/.
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D'oh! Payback is a..... That's what I get for laughing at those Mark IVs back in the day....

I'll post some pics this weekend and link em over here. I haven't look at my skis in so long, I can't even remember what bindings I have on them.

Yeah, a good set of skis will really help. She learned on regular planks down here at Mt. Southington. Then we went up to Mt. Snow and rented her a pair of shaped skis. She loved those!

Cool, that ski weekend looks interesting. Stowe may be doable. I'd love to go out West though. I've been to Utah twice to ski.
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Either of them would be great. The EW is closer, certainly, and a great early-season tune-up. The ESA is more of a midseason boost to the next level.

Back to the skis, are you looking for demo advice for you or her?
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I think we may visit the ski shop I used to work at for skis for her. We have to get her gear before I upgrade mine.
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There are a number of nice women's skis out these days, and a number of unisex boards that accomplished women tend to enjoy (the Fischer RX8 is one example that jumps to mind). The K2 T:nine series (aka "Luv" series) has received universally high marks from ladies. Also, the Dynastars and Volkl Gammas have, too. We're starting to hear more about the Atomic Balanze, as well (and I think more this year, since they are taking after the Metron series now).

Hope this helps...
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Thanks Steve. I'll print that list out when we go shopping.
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