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advice for buying first pair of skis...?

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I moved to the west coast this year and plan on getting in anywhere from 15-30 days of skiing, so I figure now is a good time to buy my first pair of skis. I'm 21 years old, 5'11", 185lbs, and I've been skiing about 7-10 days per year for the past 15 years or so (I got started around the age of 5). I have the most fun cruising down steep blue/black slopes, and occasionally like to do moguls and go through the trees. I would say I'm intermediate/advanced-intermediate. The skis that various people have mentioned to me are Völkl AC2, K2 Omni 5.5, K2 Apache X, Atomic M:9, and Dynastar Legend 4800.

This may be the only year I live on the west coast, so the skis might only get one year of really good use (if I move back east, I suppose it will be back to one or two trips per year), so I'm hoping to get away without spending an arm and a leg. Second, I'm a little uncertain as to what exact length I should be getting. I typically use 170-175 when I rent. When buying, if a ski (the M:9) for example comes in 171 or 178, is it best to err on the side of short or long? I would be inclined to think the 171s would be best, but would like some opinions.

And finally, I'm obviously not limited to the skis I mentioned above, and would gladly consider other opinions. I plan on demoing a few sets before buying, so I would just like to narrow the field as much as possible.

Thanks for the advice!
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Welcome to the West coast and Epic. In my opinion you are under-estimating your ski and should be looking for a more advanced, and wider setup. While generally more demanding, you should see progress this year as a result of more days on the snow, and higher quality terrain. A ski with a waist in the 75 to 85 mm range would give you the versatility you seek. So this is my list for your consideration:

Volkl Unlimited AC3 or AC4 or Karma twin tip, Dynastar Legend 8000, Rossignol B3 (05-06) K2 Recon, Outlaw or Public Enemy (twin); Atomic Metron M11.
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chrikenn, welcome to EpicSki!

You'll improve so much this year, and you've skied more than a lot of recreational skiers have, too. I think Cirquerider has it right on, both in terms of what you'll do and some good options to try. By all means, demo first. There are demos already going on, and you might call local areas to find out when they're having them (or ask here for the areas that you'd like).
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Other skis to check out would be Head Monster iM77s, Fischer AMC 76s or 79s, Metron B5s if you want something stiffer than the M11s, and I'll even go ahead and drop the Line Prophet 80 in the mix (another twin-tip you could look at). I'd say at your point you definitely should be able to handle most of these skis. It may take a slight step up in technique and ability, but you can definitely grow into them. Just be prepared for some adjustments and don't be shy about taking a few lessons perhaps and I think you'll see a huge improvement!

A true advanced level ski can really help by giving you tools that won't give up on you when pushed harder than you're used to.

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