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Line bindings

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What is your opinion of the line pivogy bindings? They are supposed to be the only binding that will protect your acl on a backward twisting fall. Does anyone know the safty difference between this design and the look/rossi pivot design?
I had a backward fall 2 years ago and hurt my knee pretty bad. The boot guy said the Lange RRS boots don't really help so I was wondering if these bindings will?
Also, does the fact that only line skis come pre-drilled for this specific binding mean that they will perform better than if the bindings were put on some other skis or is it just to get you to buy skis and bindings?
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I think the Line bindings are only compatible with Line skis, at least for now.
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Originally posted by Lodro:
I think the Line bindings are only compatible with Line skis, at least for now.
Uh, no.

Other than those stupid skis with binding specific plates (like Atomic), you can put the Line Pivogy on any ski. However, the Line skis are designed (ie, have inserts) to make it easy for you to swap the same binding between multiple sets of Line skis.
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I heard that you do have to have the inserts in your skis because they were reinforced to take the increased load from the plate because it is mounted using four screws in a square configuration under the boot centre. If you try screwing the plate to a ski with out the inserts the screws will be ripped out of the ski. Unless Line have changed the screw configuration I would not want to use the bindings on any ski which did not have the inserts.
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Ok does anyone know for sure? I really like the bindings but obviously won't get them if they can't be mounted on other skis. I have heard it both ways from lot's of people. Salomon says don't use them (surprise!) and Line says sure (again one would expect each company to be biased). So if any shop guys can say one way or another I would appreciate it.
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