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Demo multiple skis near NYC ??

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I'm an intermediate skier who just got back into the sport after 20 years. I've read posts here how many of you have demoed multiple skis on Demo days. I'd like to tryout the k2 5500's and others in their class. Does anyone know where an aspiring intermediate like myself can do this in the coming weeks w/in a few hours or NYC. Thanks.
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Okemo March 13th for the past few years Mary W. Davis Reality has been putting on this event. Most of the manufactures are there and yes they have next years skis. Check out Okemo's web site for events, you'll find it listed there. I don't want to tell to many people because I would rather have this all to myself.

The biggest problem is some people think they can have the ski for the whole day. Those people should be shot. Take a run or two and bring them back so someone else can try them.

I'll try and find out if the mountain plans to have bumps on the Plunge. Right now the only bumps off the Solitude chair are natural bumps on Lower Tomahawk. They are kind of cut up and funny, it's hard to get a good line.
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Stratton has a demo this weekend as well. If you really want to spend a day or longer while making your decision, I recommend demoing through a shop - yup, it's not free, but most shops will credit the $$ you spend demoing to your purchase and you don't have to hang around the vans waiting for those folks who don't understand that demo days don't translate to 'free rental' - plus you get to try out exactly what you are looking for instead of settling for what the rep brought with them that day.
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Here is the reply to my question to Okemo.

Mr. Smith,

As of right now we don't have bumps on the Plunge. That could change if we get some snow. The demo will be at Solitude. We try and tell people to only take the skis out for a couple of runs but unfortunately we have no real way to enforce it. For the most part people are good but every once and while we do get someone who takes the skis for a long period of time. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Matt Lillard
Okemo Mountain Resort
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