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175 Guns or 182 Foils?

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Any thoughts?? Not interested in park skiing just a fat all mountain ski. I currently have 175 Xtra Hots and like them. Just thought I might try something different. I skied a couple days on PR 175's and they were fun.
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The foil will be much more maneuverable out of the powder. But if you're a really aggressive skier, you might find the foil a bit soft at faster speeds.
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Will the Gun work better at higher speeds than the Foil?
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I'm kind of interested in this also. Would the foils come close to the PR in powder? yet be more manuverable on the rest of the hill?
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PRs in 175 have a tight sidecut so they like to turn plenty. I cannot comment on the 1080's but I have a blast on my PR's
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PR/Gun 175's have an 18 radius. My XtraHot 175's are 19 and are quick. Foil 182's are 20.4 but the tips are wider than the Guns and the waists are a little narrower. Tails are the same. Foil 182's should be a fun quick ski and maybe a little better than PR's on hardpack and cement. I just wonder about crud. My XtraHots are solid crud skis. Combo wood and foam core.
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If u want the for powderskiing, the Gun is the one you should go for, period. It is fatter than the foil and stiffer. But why are you so damn locked on Salomon? Check out Dynastars Big Trouble (92mm), Völkl Karma (87mm), Völkl Mantra (94mm), K2 Seth Vicious (98mm) Ross. Scratch BC (~98mm) or some of the Elan Mantis skis and Fischers freeride-section... The list is long and can be a lot longer...
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