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Copper Opening 11/4

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for all you Copper skiers/riders tomorrow is the day...hopefully we get some more snow tonight/tomorrow. I am expecting just the usual Ptarmigan and (hopefully) Main Vein run on Excellerator/Eagle chairs...nothing too exciting but should be good after the long summer drought. It looks like there is a nice mix of natural and man made from the web cam..wouldn't want to be there this weekend though...


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ok here I go replying to my own post..IJust got back from skiing at Copper and wanted to give a heads up before people made big plans

The Good:The snow was really nice
The Bad: Only Mein Vein was open, racers only on the Excelerator chair. it got crowded on the one run to the point of being uncomfortable. The uppermountain appears to have pretty good coverage...I would not recomend a weekend visit even if they do open Ptarmigan...oh yeah the forecasted storm never hit last night as forecasted (surprise, surprise)

seemed like a 2:1 ratio of boarders to skiers

but it still was good to make some turns on soft snow in the sunshine...

will probally go back next week during mid week for some runs

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