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Utah driving questions - Park City / Snowbasin

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Planning a January trip to SLC - probably skiing first day at Deer Valley (on the , then a couple days at Snowbasin, staying in a nearby condo. Regular FWD rental car OK, or should I reserve AWD/4WD?

I know the roads up to Cottonwood canyons can be trickey, but have the general impression Park City and Snowbasin would be better.
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Your assumption is correct, the roads to and from Park City/Deer Valley and Snowbasin are not like those in the Cottonwood Canyons. Your acccess will be primarily interstate driving, driving particularly on the grades.

I'd save the money and go with the 2wd.
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any fwd car will be fine. If your going up the big or little Cottonwood canyons go to the Park and ride and take the bus.
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There are two tricky sections if you are not used to mountain driving, the canyon from PC to Coalville and the canyon from Henefer to Morgan. Be careful in the canyon from PC to Coalville, there can be ice. As far as the canyon from Henefer to Morgan, be very careful. You are on an interstate so you will be tempted to drive fast, don't. That area is well known for accidents, follow the speed limit, and go even a little slower around Taggert.

As far as Trappers loop, that has a good southern exposure and very few curves.
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Thanks all. Happy to save the $$ (and gas) with FWD.

Canyons I do remember that thread, it seemed to go on forever without mentioning Snowbasin in particular. But was the basis for my general impression the Cottonwood canyons could require it but otherwise FWD's OK.
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Two things to look for on the way from PC to Snowbasin: bald eagles (good) and speed traps (bad).
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No rush then, it'll be after a morning flight and afternoon of skiing ... oughta take it easy anyway. But thanks for the warning.
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As you drive north on I84 you will come to a one horse town called Henefer. Look to the west (your left) and you will see a bunch of very tall trees along the Weber River. Look in the tops of these trees. Bald Eagle nests in just about every tree. Your about half way to Snowbasin.
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I Have it on good authority that there are at least two horses in Henefer.
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A FWD is fine "most" of the time, except when it isn't. With a big storm, you could be stuck at the bottom of the canyon looking up. Sure, just take the bus, like EVERYONE else in salt lake will be doing. During a big storm, I have found even parking for the bus, mass mayhem. Therea are plenty of times you won't be driving up those roads in your FWD, even if they let you up. $50/day extra, split by 3 guys isn't too much to insure some good skiing in a dump, or a few days of dumping.

I was renting Subaru Outbacks for cheap($45/d), but last year no one had one. But saying all that, I have been going through the through the FWD vs. SUV and I still get confused on what to do.
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my quote refers to little and big cottonwood canyons only
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Snowbird Devotee - thanks. I'm sticking to Deer Valley (first day, on the Quick Start freebie) and Snowbasin (maybe Powder Mtn), so I'm still thinking FWD is the way to go. Bringing kids so no one to split costs with. (But hopefully they'll remember and take their old man in a decade or two.)
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When you drive back to Park City I would suggest stopping in Morgan. There is a new mexican restaurant in town that is supposed to be superb. Apparently the owner came from Park City, I believe Steins, and set up his own place. Give it a shot.
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