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Anyone out there know much about the various skis for kids : ? I have a son who is 10 and rapidly becoming a good skier. Is not yet a perfect carver/racer, but is comfortable with speed and is working on his carving (i.e. getting higher edge angle and proper weight distribution).

Atomic, Volkl, and Fischer make widely distributed kids skis (I live in Germany). What I am wondering is the applicability of the 'race' skis for someone who is not yet racing. As an example, Atomic makes an SL:11.12 for racers and an SL:9.12 for racing wannabes. Is the 11.12 that much stiffer? Want to get a ski that lets him develop his technique while also enabling some low-key racing (he will be part of a junior race-prep squad next year, learning racing technique). Don't want to get a ski that is way too stiff/doesn't allow any less-than-perfect technique. Am not sure if the kids skis have the same stratification as the adult skis.

Any thoughts?