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Wtf? (sunday river)

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I don't think I'm going to be skiing at Sunday River next Friday.


this blows
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That's gross. Grossly unfair, too. Next Friday is a world away though...have faith brotha!
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I don't know, looking at the weather patterns, I'm starting to think the east is screwed through at least mid to late November and we may have a very slow start to snow making conditions. December hopefully may come through better this year than last year however...

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Your best chance of skiing next week is probably going to be at Killington. Marginal snowmaking conditions at best, but they got so much snow up on the main mountain that their main concern will be keeping the lower trails that lead to the base covered. Temperatures at Sunday River are forcasted to be slightly warmer, and they don't have the benefit of having a three foot base already in place to work with, so it doesn't look good for them.
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What a difference a day makes! According to wunderground.com, temps & potential precipitation are looking favorable for November 12th opening dates.

Here's the extended forecast for the Okemo/Killington area

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Move to CO....I did, and I love it!!!
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