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HELP! Volkl 6* & Marker Motion Custom AT Bindings?

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Hello folks, I need your help with this one please.

Yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a new set of 2004-2005 Volkl 6 Star skis with the integrated Marker Motion Bindings.

To my surprise the dealer installed the Marker Motion “Custom” AT with PCOS and not the as expected Marker Motion AT PCOS. Can you please inform me if this combination is correct, will it impede performance or do you foresee any problems?

Second, when the piston extension arm was installed, the tip of the extension did not finish at the center of the letter ‘V’ in the Volkl logo but continued well past the 'V' and onto the letter ‘O’. Is this normal? All the skis and pictures of the skis I have seen were different than my set up.

Third, the unit which sits above the rails and houses the wheel, is made out of red see through plastic. I assumed that this was made out of aluminum or some other metal as it is always a gray color and never red. Can you please inform me if all is OK with this set up or was their some wrong doing on behalf of the dealer?
I have owned other Marker bindings and so far all have been great.


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it sounds allright. for the most part, all motion bindings work with all motion rails. there are exceptions to this but in your case you are fine. you have a motion AT binding from your description.

you should take them back to the dealer and ask them why they installed a different color binding than the one that is supposed to come with that setup. at my shop we discounted motion skis when the only bindings we had left were not the ones intended for that set up.

the location of the pcos extension varies by length of ski. the dealer can verify that the pcos has the correct extension for you as well.

just please make sure that you let them know that you are simply making sure that the set up is ok and verifying everything. the dealer will be able to do this for you better than anyone.
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What they sold you was most likely a ski they bought on close out from volkl. The custom at binding was desinged for the P60 Custom ski (a P60 GC with a different top sheet made in limited production, sold mostly to Gorsich in the US). It is the same binding with different colors. You have nothing to worry about, I would consider this a blessing, as it will be easeier to find your skis in a rack.

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The headache's gone, I am at ease! One of the Marker reps.
answerd my e-mail and this is what he wrote:

Hi Thanks for choosing Volkl. You've got a great ski !
Any concerns you have should be taken up with your (Authorized ) Volkl Retailer.
Basically , the Custom AT and the AT are the same binding. The Custom binding was paired up with the Custom, limited edition ski, but it can go on any motion rail system that will accommodate the AT.

You should have no worries.
Think Snow

Thanks for the info Kosac and Union. You were right on the money!

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