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From the comments on this, all you can say is "you can't please everyone". I will miss Warren's commentary, but he has a right to retire.

I don't care if you liked seeing Bridger Giles two years running or not. Some people want to track his progress year to year, other people saw him once and that's enough.

Some people like the big drops and watch them in awe, others just think they're stupid after the first one.

Some liked the rap, some didn't. Some liked that stupid opera-like music which wrecked the footage, others thought it was the best music.

I enjoyed it on a big screen with lots of other ski fanatics because it gave me a look at mountains I will never ski, and what a lot of other Bears will never ski. I saw places I'll never go. I saw Jeeps I'll never own, Granola bars I will never eat, and music I will never buy. I saw skills and courage I'll never possess. I saw lunacy and craziness and people having FUN.

I thought Klaus was HILARIOUS. What a fun guy he seems to be.

I got 3 passes to ski places I would never ski if they weren't free. I got a free pen, a book full of neet pictures, and I saw a movie........for $16.

It's all good.
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A second thubs up for MSP's The Hit List.

Pep Fujas skiing the trees in russia and Hugo Harrison's multiple Sluffalanche lines were awesome to watch.
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I saw the WM movie recently. It wasn't bad but the absence of Warren himself was kind of sad. The few of his words which were included only reminded me of his absence.

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It's unanimous.

You're not the only one that was disappointed in Higher Ground. (Read the editor's blog on www.mthoodlist.com) I felt the same way about a number of things, ie, too much Alaska! And the product endorsement was over the top. (However, I happen to love Grand Marnier!) Are you aware that Warren sold the company to his son, Kurt, who in turn sold it to Time Warner in 2000? (And I believe this is the reason for the hard feelings between the two Millers.) The Miller's don't have anything to do with the film anymore as far as I can tell. Luckily Matchstick Productions is still putting out great films!
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The movie is coming to Phoenixx and Flagstaff in the next couple weeks. $19 to get in. I was going to take my GF - but man, almost $40 for two people to see a movie? I'll pass.

I'll buy the DVD in a couple years for $8.00

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I think you're right about ski porn. It is a mind set. For those who may be less experienced may I add that it can be obtained at any level of skiing. Remember when you skii'd your first tree's? I do, and it is as much a thrill remembering my "blue trees" as it is my first black diamonds....maybe more so because trees are tricky. I may be more accomplished now but those memories I will cherish forever.
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