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Float at what width?

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I'm looking into buying some skis. I'm 6ft, 170 lbs, advanced/expert. I live in the midwest, but will be doing about a week of skiing out west per year.

Looking for an all mountain ski. My concern is going too narrow in the waist (below 70mm) where if I do encounter powder, float will be minimized. However, I don't want anything too fat since I don't know that I'll encounter that much powder and I enjoy making quick turns, going fast, bumps, etc. Am I asking too much? At what dimensions will performance in powder be seriously impaired?
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What the hell happened there?! The evil gnome in my computer is telling me to turn it of and go drink some beer.

Anyway, my experience is that the Bandit xx or Fischer Big Stix 75 are two good examples of a width that works on and off the groomed. 74mm to 75mm. Not sure what other makes fit this bill.

I have the Bandit X which is great in soft new light powder but doesn't have the girth to ski well in more set up snow. It's waist is I think 69mm.

If I want to hit older set up snow I put on my Fischers.
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The 74-75 width is a good way to go for all mountain use. I skied the Intuitiv 74 last year and it was great on the hardpack and in crud, also skied the bumps well. Really was good everywhere except in the deep stuff I wanted something wider and longer than 182. All mountain skis are getting a little wider every year it seems so now skis like the Axis XP and Atomic R:ex at 78 amd 84mm are getting put in that category.
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the only thing anyone needs wider than 70mm is a lesson
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I'm concerned that going w/ something in the 75-80mm range (such as the Axis X Pro) will not be quick enough edge to edge for me. If I lived out west, I wouldn't be so concerned. I just don't want to sacrifice quickness.
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A 70mm all mountain ski should be a good choice for you i.e. K2 Axis X, Rossi Bandit X or the Salomon X-scream. There are also others in this catergory, but these are brands that I have skied on. I currently live in VT, but I also have lived in CO and currently ski on the K2 Axis X for everyday all around skiing( I even use it for recreational SL/GS racing). It works good in all conditions, it won't float like a fat ski in powder or hook up like a true SL/GS ski on the hardpack, but does a bit of everything well. Your best bet would be to demo some different brands of 70mm all mountain skis, if you can't check out SKI MAG or SKIING MAG buyers guide to get a basic idea of a particular skis charistics. Of the skis I have experience on, I find the reviews of the previous magazines to be fairly accurate. I hope this will help you out.
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The Rossignol Bandit XX does NOT sacrifice quickness edge-to-edge. Unless you've tried it, you may find it hard to believe: The XX is quicker edge-to-edge than the X. Now to be fair, I find the X in 170 to be too short for comfort so I go to the 177. On the other hand, I own and ski the XX in 170. Believe me, it can turn REEEEEEALLY SHORT, and it can be QUICK edge-to edge . . . and it also floats on natural snow and makes great GS turns at speed. Don't want to take my word for it? OK, then TRY it! The ski shops sold out of this last season, and this year's XX is the same in every way as last year's XX.
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