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Clothing -- Layering for Pants?

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I use the standard "3 layer" standard for my torso (base, performance (insulate) layer, shell). However, I've always used an insulated pant, with a base (polypropylene long underwear).

However, while going to the ski shop, I noticed that pants also have shells, like the torso, with no insulation.

My question is this? If there's a "pants shell",what is the performance layer (insulation). Is it just a sweat pant (I doubt it, i avoid cotton).

How much does it cost, etc.

Any help appreciated.
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I wear shell pants with expedition-weight fleece tights if it's quite cold, lightweight polypro or silk otherwise.

I don't remember exactly what they cost. $40 to $60, maybe? I got my fleece tights on sale.

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I do the same,i got my fleece pants from land´s end,these are for cold days.
Normally i use a pair of Lowe alpine mid polypro tight pants.They work for touring too (my shell pants have zippers for ventilation.
I´m a layer fan because it works wonderfully and i also avoid cotton like the plague.Goretex(or sim),fleece and polypro are the way to go.Climbers,sailors,skiers,hunters and soldiers(those who can) are all dressing pretty much the same these days...
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The ultimate material is Schoeller Dryskin, found in gear from MEC, Cloudveil, Black Diamond, Mammut etc. Windproof, water-resistant, highly breathable, stretchy (but not tight). Ideal for touring in cold/dry (=powder) conditions. I have used in quite cold conditions with just midweight capilene or equivalent underneath. (Sometimes with light goretex shell pants in my pack to put over, but I've almost never had to do so.)

In wetter conditions people often use their gore-tex (or similar) shell with midweight or "expedition weight" underwear, for example Polartec Powerstretch. Not much need for a lot more unless you really feel the cold.
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well if you use Gore-Tex or something fairly similar, you should be just fine with only a lightweight or midweight thermal bottom as your base layer. No need for a mid-layer.

I have never used anything but light and midweight thermal bottoms. I have some Sportif USA Gore-Tex shell pants that I got on a blowout at Sierra Trading Post. Even in below-zero days, I've been warm. I think part of the reason is the fact that they have internal gaiters to keep wind & snow from blowing up the pant legs. The other is that I usually wear some Patagonia River Shorts atop the thermal bottoms, for an extra layer to protect my butt when I'm sitting on some of those old lift chairs that lack pad insulation.

Preferred thermal underwear - Patagonia Capilene, LL Bean's wicking stuff, or REI MTS. I also have some LIFA polypro bottoms from about 10 years ago, they work fine too even though they are paper-thin.

Check www.sierratradingpost.com for good deals on shell pants. They usually have good stuff there from Marmot, Sierra Designs, Sportif USA, Patagonia and The North Face. Also check www.campmor.com for bargain closeouts on North Face stuff.
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I find that polor fleece pants bottom under a shell pant works well in a wide range of temperatures. The polor fleece is a great insulator, not too hot, keeps out the cold.
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I wear capilene long underwear, with a shell pant. If it's cold, I actually use sweatpants for the mid-layer. Yeah, it's cotton, but they don't get wet, since my capilene does a good job of sucking the moisture off of my body.
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Backeast here in northern New Hampshire we tend to get some really deep cold spells. I use Patagonia triple gore tex shell pants to start. Then I layer up with either Marmot mid-weights in normally cold temps, say 10-25%. When it's really cold, say 10 above to -15 I use Patagonia's 4-way stretch polar tech fleece cold weather running tights. I've skied in -20 and my legs were fine. My feet on the other hand ??????? Go Figure, Ice cubes!!!

: :
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I wear a pair of Columbia shells coupled with a pair of flannel pyjamas, and if it's -really- cold, I'll put on some thermal underwear
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I wear shell pants with a mid-weight poly bottom. Be Marmot, Mtn Hardwear, Patagucci, or even REI brand. If it is cold I Layer up my torso. My legs are doing all of the work so blood flow and keeping them warm is not an issue. If I can keep my head, hands, feet, and torso warm my legs will stay warm. So, I can use the same base layer all the time for me bottoms. The only time I would move to an expedition weight long john bottom would be if the temp was sub 15 degrees.
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Try wool, you get rid of the stink factor. Ortovox, Devold, Smartwool all make decent stuff. If it gets real cold, 20-15 above then i'll throw some medium or light fleece on top of that. For trips you don't have to be washing the base layer every night or two.
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