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dale of norway

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does anyone know where to get those dale of norway sweators cheap bcus i wud like to get my mom one without breaking the bank lol...
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I got one several years ago at a good price at Sierra Trading Post.
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Do you know how to knit?
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PSIA members get them for a discount.
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Google up Aftenposten. It is a Norwegian news site. They have a link to Dale and a few other Norsk sweater lines.

Prices were pretty good compared to shops and ... Dale are becoming harder to find.
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Try E-Bay. we have bought several new ones at way less than ski shop prices.
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ye at my local ski shop thye are all around 400$ candian andi checked ebay and ther around 200 so i guess ill buy off ebay ill also check the other shops you guys gave me.

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Check out other brands too, there's a few that are very Dale-ish, with similar little badges on the sleeves and stuff with Norwegian markings on them. I have wanted one for years, and found one at the end of season sales for $100 USD, pefect size and colour, but I tried it on and the wool they'd used activated my wool allergy, even through 2 layers. So I had to buy a nordic Obermeyer instead, that used softer wool that didn't prickle me.
I love the Dale style jumpers though, they are very densly knitted (fair isle style), and with those little silver clasps they are just mega-schmick.
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