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happy birthday, ryan

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to our resident minimalist, i salute your DOB!
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And I resoundingly second that salute!

See you at Snowbasin?
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Happy Birthday. In your honor its snowing in Bozeman today.
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Many happy turns!
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Happy Bday Ryan. Hope to see you this season.
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Hey, weren't you skiing Mt Baldy last year this time? Happy Birthday. I wish you snow for your birthday
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Happy Birthday Ryan!
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Happy Birthday, Ryan!
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A jolly good fellow ...
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If I knew how to post a wav file, I'd save you having to click on the link.

I wish you all good things today and always. Happy Birthday.:
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Here are some oldie but goodie reruns of the birthday boy:

Grand Targhee

Santa Fe

Santa Fe
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Happy Birthday, Ryan...and many more!

Think Snow!
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I suppose the Red Sawx can not SUCK for one day..(Only during the off season of course).....

Just think, tomorrow you will probably look and feel like a green monster!

Happy Birthday...
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Happy birthday, friend... and many happy (re)turns!
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