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Keystone or Breck?

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Hey you old Summit County locals, I'm planning a get together at Keystone or Breck on opening day (Nov 11). Which usually provides the greater amount of slope space and/or quality terrain during the first few days? Which would be the better venue?
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But doesn't breck have more snow now?
I 'd much rather ski Keystone myself, but...
I am driving from Cleveland on Thursday and will try to be at Breck Friday morning.
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Much rather ski Keystone? I still don't get it. Breck any day. If the open terrain is comparable. That's the real question...
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ummm - call me stupid but I'll be in a surf clinic in Ireland :

Have fun guys
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Just drove up from Cleveland and sitting at the Dillon brewery trying to find out what is going to be open tomorrow. Now I am leaning toward keystone.
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