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Seth Pistol anyone?

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Sounds interesting.....

"K2's Seth Pistol is made specifically for a new generation of riders whose approach combines backcountry powder with the pipe and park. The Seth Pistol enables the rider to take skiing in innovative, creative directions.

A unique 128/95/118 geometry gives the ski great float along with a 14.0 sidecut. Although the ski is designed for a big mountain application, its increased sidecut makes the Seth Pistol extremely versatile in all conditions and pitches. Twin tip design provides exceptional performance in the park. It will be built in 169, 179 and 189cm lengths.

In addition to the wider waist, the redesigned tip and tail (complete with aluminum inserts) incorporates a blunt, rounded, turned-up design that maximizes the surface area to increase lift and float."
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K2 will only be making about 1500 pairs of Seth Pistols, so don't wait fot them to go on sale.
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Be good if the seth pistol website was here and now rather than coming soon.
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This powder maggots thread has some pictures.


Ugly suckers IMO, but I'm not the market niche they're aiming for.
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They are the ugliest skis I have ever seen.

Hope they perform better than they look.
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FAAAAARRCK they ugly.
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