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Crowds after new year's

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How are crowds at Vail the first weekend after New Year's weekend? How long could I expect to wait in a lift line? What about for Beaver Creek?
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Well, New Year's Eve is on a Sunday night this year. As a result, most people, including students, will be back in the swing of things by Jan 5th. You're good to go. I'm not sure what terrain you're expecting to ski, but it won't be too busy compared to the rest of the season. Teacup won't have too long of a lift line.

BC won't have any crowds. You won't wait in line at all. I like skiing the glades around Bachelors Gulch and I think early January will be a playground there.

By the way, I spent some time today at 11,000'. The snowpack is surprisingly good right now. It seems to be setting up for a great early season and Vail's back bowls are really going to benefit. About 30 - 40" of snow between now and the end of November will put Vail on target for an opening of bowls shortly after Thanksgiving.
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sounds great! I'm probably going to plan a trip to either Vail or Beaver Creek that weekend. Are the lift tickets to these two interchangeable by any chance?
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I'm heading to Vail the week right after New Years. Having done this at Aspen last year and some other areas in the past, its a great week to go if you can swing it with work, family, etc. The mountain was practically deserted compared to holiday time, etc. You can usually get some sweet deals that week too because bookings take a hit that week after the holiday rush. We decided to splurge on a pretty sweet deal at the Lodge at Vail for loding, lifts and breakfast that would have normally been absurdly priced any other week of the season, but they were running the special for the 2 weeks after New Years so we decided to do it.
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Nice. I'm planning on going there from the 4th to the 8th. We're probably going to go cheap and lodge at Beaver Creek West. How is that place? good, bad?
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Never stayed over that way. BC is a great mountain though, hardly ever a crowd. Not as many steeps, but there's some nice terrain and on a powder day it can be great. Plus, you're only 15 minutes to Vail and you can use the same lift ticket. BC has some good restaurants/nightlife as well.
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Good Advice!

All that's written here is spot on! BC West are very nice units to stay in. There's bus transportation to the mountain from there and you are right beside the Avon Rec Center. The Rec Center has fantastic swimming and some good cardio and weight equipment. BC will eccentially be empty. If you like steeps, bumps and trees, make sure you visit Grouse Mt. Otherwise, the rest of the mountain is real easy to get around and you'll be sure to have a good time.

Post any other ?'s I'm getting really pumped as I'll be there in 2 weeks for the season.
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In general I think January after New Year's is the optimal time to ski Vail/BC in terms of both crowds and snow conditions.
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The lines in Beaver Creek will be shorter. The Gondola in Vail tends to get backed up.
That said, I like Beaver CReek better anyway.

Here are a few good links to try:
vail.net- good info on the entire valley
hmtaxi.com- for transfers

Have fun

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