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Völkl Supersport T50 5-star

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Everybody seems to prefere shorter lenght of this ski. I have a deal on this one in 182Cm and i am wondering if that will be to long? (180Pounds, 180cm). I know it want be that snappy as 168cm but i hope it will nice in GS turns and ok in the bumps?

My everydayski for the moment is Head Madrix Mojo 186cm and i want to have a ski for every day when i dont go offpist.

I know its i the middle of the summer but i believe i am not the only one active on this forum for the moment [img]smile.gif[/img]

Best regards

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Jorgen Hello

The T50 5 Star is a very good all around ski, I feel thats its weakest area is in the bumps. It is a great cruiser/carver, its very good and has enough float for small amounts of powder.
It was my experience that its worst performance was in the bumps where I felt I was getting thrown around more then I do normally. I was on the 182 and I am 6 foot 205 pounds. I have no experience with it but from what I have heard the 4 star is a better bump ski but you sacrifice on the 5 stars other attributes.

Live easy ski hard
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In my opinion the 5 star skis long. I have the 175 and it's super stable, I clocked myself at 68 mph a couple times and it felt fine, could easily have gone faster. The 175's not a bad length for an everyday ski, it skis more like a GS ski for me (I weigh 165) but it's very easy to make short turns, and I thought it skied great in the bumps, although the 4 star is supposed to be better for bumps. It's also good in the crud and deeper snow. I think the 168 would be more fun though and plenty stable, I'd even consider the 161 for a second ski.

The Volkl tech guy told me the 182 skis like a World Cup SuperG ski, and don't be afraid to go short. Also they sold 2000 pr. each of the 168 and 175 last year and only 150 of the 182's.
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Thanks for the reply despite the summer..

Westcat you wrote that 182cm ski like a super G ski. To me that seems like a fast ski but not that turny and fun, am i wright?

i use to ski Völkl G4 in 188cm and that skis turn radius is something about 21m(is'nt GS skis 21-26m). My opinion on G4 thats a superstable but it doesnt turn that much. And if T50 ski like a super G (over 26m radius?)maybe thats not the ski for me.
I want a pair where i can feel the G forces and be able to control the speed by turning, not be skidding.


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I have a pair of 182's. They DON'T ski like a Super G. I'm 5'10, 185 and I'm glad I didn't go any shorter. To me, they feel like a turny GS race ski. Definitely much turnier, and feel much shorter than my 183 P50 GS's.
One thing though. In bumps, I don't know if I recommend them. I bent one last season.
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I think he was talking more about the 182 having the stability of a SG ski rather than a SG turn radius. My 175 is very easy to make short turns on but seems like medium radius GS turns are more natural, so it seems like the 182 should be able to make shorter turns pretty easily also, but it definitely has a GS turn radius.
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Thanks for the input guys!

I think i will be satisfied with my 182 T50..
U.P. Racer, you are warning for bumps due to the metallayer in general which often makes the ski bend if you push it to hard, or is it particullary (how the f**k do you spell that?)T50 in the longer lenght 182cm?

Have a great summer!

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I skied the T50 in a 182, as well as my friends 175, and had more fun on the 182. I could make just as tight or as wide turns as I wanted. Just thought that the 182 was a little smoother when things picked up to mach 1.
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I'm just talking about the metal in general. Unfortunately, the metal that makes Volkl's perform so well, also makes it possible for them to bend. I've done it twice now. Once a few years back on a pair of the orange P30 race carvers, and now the 5 stars.
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$ I tried the 182 and the 175; 182 was a wonderful ski for GS hauling butt. Really smooth, responsive and lively- plus forgiving; a hero ski. I bought the 175 'cause I could pack 5 turns into where 3 went on the longer ski; turns like magic. But if high speed GS was my main plan, the 182 rocks. What are bumps?
P.s. Am 5'11" 170 -

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Thanks for the advices. My Mojos just got T50 182cm for new sleeping partner..
The T50 feels nice fexing (the flex is a tiny bit stiffer then the Mojos). It look really skinny compared to Mojo, but anyway it's not build for the powder.
Cant wait for the snow, have to try some summer skiing in Zermat!

Best Regards
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Hi, I got the 161's last year and have skiied them a bit this year (I'm in Oz). I'm 173cm tall f.

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

They do everything I ask them and more. Long short, bumps, soft, ice (we get a lot of that) and crud.

I'm more a short turns skier and I find these skis perfect for that.

Anyway...to all that have scored themselves a pair [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Westcat:
I have the 175 and it's super stable, I clocked myself at 68 mph a couple times and it felt fine, could easily have gone faster.

On a 175?

Westcat, please, pardon my skepticism.

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