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I am trying to figure out what fat ski to get this year. I have been riding XXX's for the past two years and have found them a bit to soft as I can overpower them easily. I am a stromg skiier at 6 foot and 200lbs. I want something with a waist over 90mm and something stiff. I was looking at the Sugar Daddys but was also interested in the new Nordica beast 92's. Any help would be great. Also I live in the Northwest and love open bowls but in reality I spend most of my time in the trees.
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I'm with you on the XXX's. A great ski, but a tad soft in the shovel as compared to the tail. Just seems like a strange flex pattern to me. I have skied the Volkl G4 for the last season and a half, love it. No complaints except that it can be a tad stiff and wide for the hardpack bumps. I just, I mean I just ordered a pair of Volkl Explosives in a 190cm. A bit softer, but mainly for deep pow days. Its 95mm under waist, and I'm looking forward to skiing it.
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The new Kneissl Flexon Tanker.
That's one beefy ski if i've ever seen one.

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How about stocklis? I haven't tried any of them myself, but they are obviously some serious skis. This winter I hope to demo the new Stormrider DP (New Asteroid) just for kicks. Although they might be too stiff for skiing tight trees.
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