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attn reps - help

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Some of you may know that I will be skiing in Europe early and mid season. It is a decision I came to kind of impulsively after working overseas from last February until begining of October. Needless to say all my OLD equipment is still in the states. How can a pro from the states find pro deals in Europe? Is the PSIA credential enough paper?

Thnx in advance for all the cooperation and if you are coming to this side of the pond drop me a pm. It would be a great to do some turns with a bear or two.
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no idea if you will have any luck finding pro deals here or alike. but i know that some shops offer discounts for ski instructors. again no idea if that is just up to the shop or the ski companies. nor do i know if these discounts probably are for german instructor organisation members only ( http://www.skilehrerverband.de/standard.xml?vpID=2 ).

i think i remember this shop does give discounts: (not totally sure) http://www.ski-bilek.de/

what in particular are you looking for?

even though my home town is quite remote from the next hill, we have a decent shop, http://www.sportboerse-muenster.de

you could try to check these examples by asking them via email.

if you are unsure about their english skills (i would be...) i could ask them on your behalf if you want me to.

hope this helps...

btw: the frst dusting of snow is on the way for the alps.

back in the days when i worked in a snowboard shop, the deals i got for boards and gear weren't that much better than what you could find on ebay. esp. if the desired stuff was a bit off the mainstream. german ebay is huge, and many shops sell their excess stock there dirt cheap.
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Thnx Snowdan,

I need new boots. Been very happy in Technicas for the last decade or so. Skis - I am partial to Volkl's but interested in Stockli's. I think I can lease skis, but I should buy a new pair of boots. Mine, although still in good shape, are nearing antiquity.

Will check out the web sites above, and if need be I will PM you for specific advise. I can not support e-bay, much to my own dismay. I have seen or heard of too much stolen equipment arising on that network.
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