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Advice on new ski purchase

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I currently have a set of Rossignol (forgot the model) 200 cm straight skis that I've had for about 10 years and needless to say they are ready to retire. Last year I rented a set of B2s for a couple of days, the second day we had about a foot of powder. I really liked them, but since it was my first time on any shaped skis, I think I would have liked anything decent. I tried to rent other upper level skis but they didn't have anything else.

I have been skiing for 25 years and consider myself an advanced intermediate skier even though I only get to ski 3-5 days/year during those years. I am 5"9" and 175# and like to ski tougher terrain, but nothing that is crazy steep, bumpy, or icy. I want to take the next step and do some off trail skiing. I will be going out to UTah (Alta, PCMR, etc)this winter and am wondering if it's best to buy a new set before going or to demo some out there. I will probably be going out there every year going forward, if that would have anything to do with a ski choice. Are there shops that demo certain types of skis? Any recommendations?
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Honestly, for how little you are going to be skiing from the sound of it initially and the fact that travelling out west with skis from the east can be a pain in the ass, combined with what little you know about new shaped skis and what you like - JUST DEMO/RENT . That way you can get boards that are really suited to the specific days you are out and get an idea of everything available. You'll thank yourself!

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I have to rent the Pow skis the day before if I am at a resort.They seem to be the first to go when theres a dump.Demo some all mountain mid fats.Jack of all trades in the west ,master of none .
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If I were you i would demo at least for now. If you ski Park city Mountain Resort there are two very good places to get first rate demo ski. One is Jans Mountain Outfitters the other in Cole Sports. There are two main stores as you come into town and shops at both Deer Valley and PCMR. Between those two you should have a choice of just about every ski on the market. Alta will also have a good demo fleet But might be a tad more biased toward the fat ski. One of my favorite skis is the Dynastar legend 8000. It is light quick and fro a light ski very stable in crud and at high speed.
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