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Baby Skis?

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I want to get my 2 1/2 year old on the slopes this year and I have been trying to find a pair of youth skis for him in a size small enough for him, either strap on over shoe skis or the whole nine with bindings and boots. No luck so far, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could either of these type of skis for him? Thanks!
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we bought our kids skis, including the 3 year old (then she was two) from http://www.skitrucks.com/

They have lots of used rental gear for beginners and they prolly have the long leash and tip connector you will also need. Tell them how much you want to spend and they will put something together for you. Have them base grind the skis before they ship them.

If you ever get to Salt Lick City stop in but note Ski Deals is a strange place.

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Here is another site for you about training young ones to ski http://www.kid-ski.com/index.html

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Thanks for the info. That site is perfect!
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Head has 69cm skis.
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