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My kids (ages 9 and 7) and I love skiing together but have never snowboarded. They are interested in taking lessons to try boarding out, and I am considering joining them. I understand some resorts have deals where if you take a few lessons as a first timer (on either skis or a board), you can get a free or heavily discounted season pass, such that for about $200-300 you can get 3-4 lessons (lift ticket and equipment included) and a season pass. Sweet deal, and a great idea to bring new people into the sport.

Poking around on the web, I've found this kind of thing at Loon, Waterville, Wildcat, and Gunstock so far. Ideally, Cannon would have it, but it doesn't.

Does anyone know of any other such deals in New England? It would be great to find more within a ~2 hour radius of Boston. Of the places I've found so far, Wildcat seems the best, but it's a little far for the daytrips we usually make. (I'm not crazy about the crowds at Loon and Waterville, and Gunstock is a bit on the small side.)

Any other thoughts out there?