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I can only have one ski...

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I'm new to this forum but have having a great time reading everyone's input on skiing.I'm from the mid-west so I have to travel both east and west to ski. Did Montana and Colorado last year along with Snowshoe W.V.,and Holiday Valley in N.Y. What I'm looking for is a go everywhere ski.I like the Volkl t50 5 star and the Volkl g3, but I've also read the new Volant Machete Soul is pretty sweet to. I consider myself upper advanced ability. I'm about 6' and 175lbs.Which ever ski I finally choose will get the marker 1200ti piston control binding on it and I'm thinking about 170 length for the ski's. All advice will be very helpful. thanks...
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The new Volants if you can get them, or last years T3 Power's, which I have and enjoy skiing very much. The skis are mounted with the Marker Titanium 1200 Piston Control bindings. I leave the setting at the "on" postion all the time.

Nov. 11th update: Since you seem sold on the Marker Titanium 1200 Piston binding, I believe that Volkl makes a ski called the Motion,that uses that same binding technology. The binding rides on two rails, and therefore the flex pattern of the ski remains constant i.e. no flat spots. So if you don't already own the Marker 1200's this is something else you may wish to consider.

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The experts are saying this and it makes sense:

The brand is not so important anymore (if it ever was; it probably was sometimes)
What does matter is the type of ski you want; a pure carver, downhil racing, powder ski, snow park, all-mountain expert, etc.
Judging from where you live, I would think that an all-mountain ski would be best??? If this is true you ski in powder, crud, groomers and some moguls, along with some off-piste skiing. If this is true, you have to decide if you're an all-mountain expert or just under that in the all-mountain cruiser class. These skis are in the size area of 118-169-103.

If you lean to more of the groomed runs, you could opt for a ski with a slightly narrower waist. If you ski in more powder runs, then you might want to choose a ski with a wider waist up to about 78mm.

One more suggestion and this is the most important: Demo some skis, demo some skis, demo some skis (yes, 3 times for emphasis)

I hope this helps! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Yeah, what Flip said, but the topic did get me thinking. If I could have just ONE ski what would it be? Tough choice, but probably Salomon Crossmax 10. Well don't have one ski nor do I own the Crossmax, but an interesting mental exercise.


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