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wide brake question

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I just bought a pair of fats (PRs) and wondering if the wide brakes can be put on any binding. Obviously the system bindings wont be able to mount on the PRs.
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Actually, the "system" bindings may fit. If you can bend them, there's no need to buy wide brakes. I had 80mm brakes and just bought Seth Pistols, which are 95mm. I bent the brakes to fit, and they work fine.
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If you do bend the arms on ski brakes, take some time to observe how the brakes function. Most extend outward before snapping down. They are more complex than just simply swinging down. The best way to bend them is to actually straighten the brake arm at the 90 degree bend, then re-bend farther down the brake shaft. If you simply stretch the brakes outward in a V, the ends will overhang the ski edge even when retracted, or possibly snag on pant cuffs or boots.
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I bought new, wide, brake arms for my PR's when I first had them mounted. Cost an extra $30 though. Tyrolia bindings.
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The downward spring tention is also a factor on brakes for fat or midfat skis. Midfats are often heavier than conventonal shaped skis or fat powder skis, so not enough downward spring could cause failure or partial failure of the brake to function properly (espicially on ice). Bending does nothing to increase downward force for a heavier ski.

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With most brakes you can just use a cut off ski pole. slide the pole over the brake and use it to bend the arm just slightly. this will give you enough bend to clear the edges when the brakes are retracted.

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