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Hi, Some info please rossi B 1

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i would like to know how anyone likes the rossi bandit 1, your expierences or opinions on these skis, i'm thinking about buying a pair, i live in the east so i will doing a lot of skiing here. i weigh about 190--195 depends. on what i eat... haha 6 ft. i like to ski on 170s please any info would b3 greatly apprecitated, thanks james
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Can't help you with the B1s, but I have been skiing on the B2's in a 176cm for the last 2 seasons (120^ days). Here's my thoughts on the B2's if you're interested, them being a kinda similar construction to the B1's:

I'm 6'3'' but not as heavy: about 175lb, and I think the B2 (and maybe the B1) is is suited for a lighter skier than other similar skis from other Brands. They have a very soft flex tip to tail like a park ski, and felt a little harder tortionally.

They felt great for cruising around the mountain, a small amount of powder (they float really nicely if you are a light enough weight), moguls, jumps, and fall-line short turns (you can recover if you get caught back due to the soft tail).

Things I didn't like: They feel great doing med-long turns at med speeds but when I got going fast they didn't feel as stable, and had a lack of strong edge hold. When the powder got chopped up I felt like I could go over-the-handel-bars at any moment, and did a few times. They are a light ski and didn't want to power through the chop, instead they got bashed around by snow chunks. I felt like I needed the 182cm for stability.

Overall, i'd say the B2 (and B1) are great all purpose ski for a cruisy intermediate-advanced skier, but if you're going to get going fast, go for something a bit stiffer.
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I tried out some bandits at blue mountain ontario on a warm spring day. I weigh 160 lbs, am about 5'8.5" tall. I was on 176 cm skis I think they were b1s.

I found that they were fairly good at not being knocked about by the big piles of slush, which were making the 165 Equipe 10 SCs feel annoying earlier. They worked well in bumps and could carve nice short and long turns. Their grip on ice was a level below the likes of SX10, SX11, Equipe 10SCs, Fischer RX8, etc, but still passable. They felt nice and stable at medium speeds, but were not happy going fast; to me their speed limit was about 2/3 to 3/4 that of the Equipe 10SC or SX10. On the plus side they were easy-going, forgiving, with no surprizes. The won't turn on a dime or hold at SG speeds, but for all around sking with less than great skills they are pretty good.
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