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Blackcomb open Nov 5th!!!

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Yep, it's true. The big PNW dumpage this past week has come through big time. And there's mucho more to come this week. It's our turn to rock this season!

Opening Nov 5th, that's like 3 weeks before their official scheduled opening date. First time I've seen that. Woot!
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Hopefully this is a sign of things to come
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awesome! i was hoping for a whistler comeback this year.. I just bought my student pass last week.

I'm new on the forums here. Looking forward to a good season.
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October 31, 2005

Blackcomb Mountain to OPEN early November 5 & 6!

Fantastic news, skiers and riders. Blackcomb Mountain will open this weekend November 5-6 with plans to open for daily operations starting November 11. Storms moving through the Whistler region have brought 60 cm/24 in of snow to the mountains at the Rendezvous Lodge elevation located at 1,860m/6,102ft, and the forecast is calling for even more snow through the week!
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How much could they conceivably have open by this weekend? anyone have any idea?
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I'll give you a report this weekend. My guess is that anything off-piste will still be off limits till they get another 50cm, but you'll be skiing all natural pow on the groomers not man made. The forecast is looking like they could possibly get another 50cm by weekend, so......
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...so bring it on. This has been a long summer for me, can't wait to hit Blackcomb this weekend.
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From what I have heard from people already there is pretty good coverage from the bottom of Solar up, 7th are will still be too rocky to be skiable, but some of the pics on the site were taken at the bottom of Solar whicch is pretty good early season.
The freezing level keeps bouncing between surface and 1000m which is keeping the snow on most of the mountain.
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Go and have a look at www.whistler-blackcomb.com ....there is a video shot yesterday of some GREAT looking POW!
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I am beyond excited about this season already. I'm at work and can hardly concentrate on anything other than the snow. I can't wait to go to Whistler next week. Yay!!!
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Here's whats slated for opening day:

Lifts Open: Wizard Express and Solar Coaster are open for UPLOAD ONLY. Jersey Cream and Catskinner will be open.

Runs Open: Last Resort, Easy Out, Upper Catskinner, Choker, Upper Springboard, Ross' Gold, Jersey Cream Road, Upper Cruiser and Upper Honeycomb, Wishbone and Upper Buzzcut.

Groomed Runs: Last Resort, Easy Out, Choker, Ross' Gold, Jersey Cream Road, Wishbone. Please note: groomed runs are subject to change.

Parks and Pipes: Rails will be set up at the top of Solar Coaster

Obviously far from full operations, but not too bad considering it's still 3 weeks before their usual official opening date.
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If that's all that's open, it's going to be a zoo on Saturday.
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