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atomic beta race920 atomic bindings only?

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I remember some discusions in this forum about atomic beta race 920's requiring atomic bindings only. Did a consensus ever get reached ? 2000/2001

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Yes, the BetaRace 9.20 requires Atomic or ESS bindings.
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Pierre, eh! told me about how the atomic binding has no built in forward lean. My Markers have 4mm more lift in the heel than in the toe. The Atomics have equal lift. I wish I'd have bought some.
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I've got a set of old ess, var bindings on my 9.20s. One of the best bindings ever made! All of my skis have ess bindings.
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ess v.a.r

The only way to go!
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Be sure to get the racerace and NOT the excentrix where the lift is just tooooo high.
Betaracer would have all the spec's w/ lift and forward lean, etc....
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Hey everyone THANKS I think I know how to pr oceed.Now we just need some snow!!!!!!
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Looks like I'm in the minority on this one, but when I exchanged a cracked pair of X-Scream Series for the 2001 BetaRace 9.20's last season, I spoke with the Atomic rep and he told me that I could mount any binding to them. I did - a pair of Salomon poweraxes (from my X-Screams).

I skied had on them all last season and they were fine.
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Well then you must have had the vario charger plate drilled which i beleive voids the ski warranty. I know for sure that Salomon bindings dont line up with the wholes that are predrilled in the plate but i guess it works ok at least for you Gill.

On a similar topic i got some Rossignol 9S slalom skis which Rossignol says only to mount Rossignol Axial bindings which i did but the plate on these ski's wasnt predrilled so they have to be drilled anyway so i found that kind of strange since you have to drill the plate anyway. But Atomics are predrilled to line up with Atomic bindings, if you dont beleive go to a shop and compare the Atomic binding mounting whole poisitions to the Salomon, there not the same.
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Can and should are two different words. One can do whatever one wants with their own ski equipment. But should they? The screw holes in the CXC and Vario plates are reinforced. If you just drill and screw into the plastic, you are just screwing to into plastic. If you drill into the pre-drilled Atomic plates, you void any warranty. By using Atomic bindings, you get 2 years.
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What do you think?
Is it true that the high plates make them more squirrely in certain conditions?
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Let me be MORE clear about this. I was told by an Atomic rep that I didn't have to use Atomic bindings. Nothing was ever mentioned about voiding the ski warrenty or having to redrill the plate.

This wasn't something that I just took out to my garage and drilled out. This was done at a shop that carries Atomic skis - after consulting with the local Atomic rep.

If my warrenty is voided, I'm going to be SERIOUSLY ticked off.
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Hey Gill at least you know what shop to sue for new ski's! I would run run away from that shop screaming run for your lives. :
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Gill, here is a picture of the Variocharger on the 9.20. Is that the same one you have?

If yes, then no more warranty, but if you haven't had a problem so far, then you should be ok. The problem with redrilling this riser (and others in the Atomic line) is that every manufacturer has a different hole pattern and might be too close to the predrilled holes, or the riser mounting hardware. Another compatibility problem is that the Atomic risers are designed to flex, and the design of the Atomic binding allows the heel to float in its track. Using a non-floating binding, greater stresses are applied to the riser mounting hardware, and could cause failure. A physics thing.

If no, and the riser does not have predrilled holes, then your one year warranty has expired or will expire anyhow.
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BetaRacer - Yep! That's the one on my skis. I'll have to remove a binding to see where they're drilled, but I think I remember the shop tech saying the pattern would fit. The plates are supposed to be drilled in the black rubber pads, right?
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Gill, you must have horseshoes up your @$$ if you've had no problems SO FAR with the non-Atomic bindings screwed into the black plastic screw covers. Those black pieces are only covers for the screws that hold the Vario Charger to the ski. They are only held in place by friction.
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And not a whole lotta friction either...a golden horeshoe perhaps??? Just don't break a mirror this winter!
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Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't saying for sure that that was where the bindings attached. I just remembered seeing the black patches and assumed they were some sort of vibration dampening device for where the bindings attached. I, of course, forgot to remove a binding and check where they are attached, but I'll do so this evening!!!
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