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Carrera Timerik

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Hi all,

I just bought a pair of Carrera Timerik OTG goggles, because i have been having fog problems with my Uvex. Has anyone used these? On closer inspection it has air holes in the sides of them and i was wondering if this would cause a problem in extreme cold or windy days. Any input is welcome
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Got some...haven't used them yet.
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I noticed that Carrera Kimerik OTG do not have double lenses - should this be a concern? I'm looking for a pair of "cool looking" OTG goggles and these are the only ones I've found.
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I've got a pair and love 'em. Used them this past Sunday at Wildcat in NH w/high winds and close to -15 with wind chill. I leave all four vents open with no problems.
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