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Base materials

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in the marketing of snowboards, manufacturers tell for each model what kind of base they use, exruded or sintered (sub-categories here).

that seems to be unusual in ski catalogues. are there only sintered bases? or vice versa?

just wondering.
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There are a wide variety of bases used in skis. Since I don't know about other brands, Volkl has the following: Electra 2000 graphite on all high performance level skis and Mantra; Okulen 3000 on all sport/performance skis, double thick on all freeride except Mantra; The entry level skis get microsint bases.

Also, check out this previous thread: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=27901
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interesting that ski companies don't use this in marketing.

what are the bases of k2 skis made of? esp. my axis x's?
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I believe K2 bases are sintered (not sure exactly which one) with the exception of the Fujative, which I believe they marketed (at least originally) as having extruded bases (since it was designed to be a cost effective park specific ski).
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Do search - I think it was checkracer who about a year ago described the process of how bases are chosen and how many types are on hand at a given time. He also provided some interesting input about the variability within each role.
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For more than you ever wanted to know, including how K2 petitioned to have the duty on ski bases eliminated (due to lack of domestic production), use the following phrase in a search engine.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE

From K2's petition the following information is interesting:
There are two basic types of polyethylene base materials cemented to the bottoms of skis which lower friction and produce a more lubricious, free gliding effect: sintered and extruded base materials. Sintered base materials are most commonly used for ski base and consist of fused polyethylene resin profiles produced by compression molding under prescribed conditions of temperature and pressure, while extruded base materials are formed from molten, homogenized polyethylene resin forced through a die under pressure to produce the desired configuration. While both types are produced predominately from a specialty ultra highmolecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) having unique properties, sintered base materials are more expensive to produce but possess superior physical performance properties including toughness, durability, flexural strength, and porosity--integral to the maximum absorption of ski base waxes and smooth gliding characteristics. Sintered polyethylene base forms are found on the bottom surfaces of most skis where high-performance characteristics are intrinsic. Extruded polyethylene base materials are used primarily in less demanding, less expensive brands of skis produced for children, beginners, and the novice in general.
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Originally Posted by snowdan
in the marketing of snowboards, manufacturers tell for each model what kind of base they use, exruded or sintered (sub-categories here)
I think that extruded bases are fairly common in snowboards, but rare in skis, where sintered bases are the rule (though the rule is not without exception).

Of course, there are a variety of formulations of sintered bases. If you poke around on manufacturers' websites, there's usually some specification of base material, though exactly what it means may not always be real clear.
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IMS (pdf)

Reading between the lines on K2's petition and Durasurf's website makes for all sorts of wild conjecture.
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