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Question for SLC/Utah Locals

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I will be working/living at Alta this winter an am planning on driving out so I will have my car.

I have found a parking lot near the base of the canyon where I can leave my car for $50 for the ski season. Everyone is calling it PARKERS. Is anyone familiar with this parking lot?? If so is it a decent place to leave your car?

Second I am struggling a bit to understand the bus schedule to and from SLC- alta/Snowbird.

Does anyone know the latest times the bus runs up and down the canyon to Alta/Snowbird and what the night schedule is if there even is one?

Thanks in advance
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that park and ride gets used by those not wanting to drive up canyon. as for shcdeules, go to www.rideuta.com
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I'm a little confused about what you are trying to do. Are you going to live @ Alta or down in Sandy/SLC?

If you are living @ Alta:
- Why park your car down canyon? You will need it more than you think. Getting food/supplies will require a trip into SLC, as all Alta/Bird have is small stores that won't have what you need. Buses run up & down the canyon during working hours, but that will become inconvenient in a hurry.

If you are living in Sandy/SLC:
- The buses won't serve your needs as much as you think they will. They run few and far between and won't drop you off where you need them to. Any sort of off shift work or part days work will end up making the buses nearly impossible to use.

Let's face it, the West is a car kind of place. With distances so far apart, you will need it more than you think.

Have fun this year!

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I will be living and working at the Gold Miner's Daughter at Alta. I was told by GMD staff that there is no overnight parking or places to leave my car on the mountain. This leaves me but one option to find somewhere to park it down the canyon.

In all honesty I don't know how often I will need to go down into SLC but I would like my car just in case. I am just worried that the bus does not run often enought or late enough at night that it is going to matter.

Say I ride down and get my car on a day off but miss the last bus up LCC then I am stuck with no way back up the canyon and no where to park my car on the mountain.

Any suggestion of other options would be appreciated.
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That very well may happen. The buses don't run much past lift closing and that only in one direction (down). You likely won't be able to take a bus back up after an evening in SLC. But that shouldn't keep you from getting back up. Just drive up & find a non-descript spot for your car. There are many places that BC skiers leave thier cars for somewhat extended times. With so many tourists parking in strange spots anyway, it takes a really poor park job (slide path, fire hydrant, plow area, etc.) to get noticed. You'll figure it out once you are up there. Besides, I can't imagine that GMD doesn't have something for its workers, as that would be a major detriment to hiring on with them.

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Lived in alta for thee seasons. Your referring to what I recall as Parkers Ranch. You are correct the parking situation for employees in alta is apita. If you couldnt secure parking Parkers was agood deal. Doesn't sound like the price has changed. I'm assuming since your working at Goldminers you have R & B. If thats the case don't worry too much about your car. Actually having it in Alta can be more of a hassle and liability than its worth. Never had a car in 3 seasons and got by fine. Good luck, you haven't begun to realize what its all about. What day is it anyway?
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