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Bought Oakley goggles but I have no idea what lense I got.

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So I ordered Oakley Wisdom goggles online, via the Oakley website. I ordered Matte Black with the VR28 lense. I got them on friday. On the invoice packed with the goggles, the lense type says Black Iridium. I called up and told the girl the situation, she looks into it and says the website is incorrect. That combination that I ordered is not available. But I still am not sure what lense i have. She was pretty sure that it is the Black Iridium, but judging by the Oakley website, it really does not look like the Black Iridium, but it looks more like Persimmon. Anyways, here is a picture of the goggles in question. Maybe someone can help me out.

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That looks like the VR28!
The black iridium looks silver.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
That looks like the VR28!
The black iridium looks silver.
Yeah, I am pretty much positive that it is not Black Iridium. But the girl on the phone told me that they are not VR28 because they dont sell that combination anymore. I posted the pic on another board and they all say it is Persimmon. I guess the best thing for me to do is take a ride to a shop so I can compare them for myself.
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It's tough to tell by the picture. The VR28 and Persimmon are similar in color, with the VR28 being darker. I do think, however, the VR28 lenses are slightly more expensive that Persimmon. I agree that they're definitely not black iridium, as they have the mirror-like finish to them. I would only be concerned if you paid more for the Persimmon lenses than you should have.
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It looks like persimmon to me.
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OK, I jumped in with VR28, but it could be the persimmon.
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Does anyone have any real life pictures of the Black Iridium?
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These are the A frame black iridium lenses

When backlit, they look like this:
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I thought the VR28 is specific to Golf glasses? I would gather that its Persimmon.
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They look orange to me. I think Black iridium is the darkest lens they make. Goggles are most necessary when skiing during a snow storm. Dark lenses are fine for sunny weather as long as you have a goggle with lighter tint for when you really need goggles.
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I compared some pictures over at Oakley's homepage too, and damn is it hard to se a difference. They aren't as bright as the persimmon is and it's not the same color that the VR28 has... But there is a chance that u have gotten what u wanted. The best thing is probably to go to a Oakley-dealer and compare with a pair of persimmon, then u will know what u've got!
BTW, u aren't that much into Oakley's so that u can just look at the lens and see if it looks comon, because the persimmon looks really normal compared to all the other lenses they got. Kinda funny, since the persimmon is better than almost any other lenses from other goggle-companies (I know, cause i got them...).
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Well, they are defenitely not the Black Iridium. I compared them to a couple pictures on ebay. They do look like the VR28, but if they are then I should have only paid $95, not $130. Thursday night I am taking a ride to the Princeton ski shop in Jersey. Hopefully they will have all the lenses there for me to take a look at.
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I was wondering what difference the name made if you are ok with the tint. I see now the difference, $35. Did they send something different from what you ordered and then charged you extra for the forced upgrade? It sounds like they sent a less expensive goggle and charged you for a more expensive one!

If as Phil suggests, the VR28 is a golf specific tint (and this explains why Oakley couldn't provide it in a ski goggle) you must have persimmon. Fox withdrew his guess that they are VR28, CarlE says persimmon though basic is the best, forrester says the persimmon should cost less than VR28 (less than $95?). I'd call Oakley and tell them they sent you persimmon lens and you would like the difference refunded.

Oakley told you VR28 goggles are not available, so you must have persimmon.

I'm not a big Oakley customer (I've owned a couple of their products) but my friend raves about his black lens so I know what they look like and you don't have them, you are right about that.

Call the shop and make sure they have the goggles with persimmon lens in stock before you drive there to compare unless you want to go there anyway.
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You definately have persimmon. Don't fret thats the lense you want most of the time unless you use goggles when it's really sunny, even then the Persimmon is fine.

I wear my persimmon all day no problems.

A nice upgrade is the high intensity Yellow 50% (I think) light transmission, or the fire Iridium with 25% light transmission.

Caution about these lenses, be VERY carefull cleaning. not the strongest material. use a dedicated cloth or buy some microscope or photo lense paper. they are pretty easy to put scratches in. buy yourself the Oakley goggle vault you will thank me later.
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I was thinking of getting the black iridium for sunny days, and the high intensity yellow for cloudy days. But, now that I am thinking about it, is it really worth spending over $200. Probably not, so I think I'm just gonna call Oakley and have them send me the difference of $35.
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VR28 is not specific to golf glasses. Your lenses look exactly like my persimmons which should not have cost you $130. I found the persimmons to be useless in flat light so I bought the hi-intensity replacement lenses. The black iridium are great in sunny conditions though and I thought very much worth the price.
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So I finally took a ride to a ski shop to compare my goggles to the ones they had. The lenses ARE vr28. Oakley really screwed up this one. I ordered vr28, they send vr28 in a box that says black iridium. Girl on the phone says they are black iridium bc they dont make the vr28/matte black any more.

Anyways, I bought another pair of matte black with high intensity blue and i bought a black iridium lenses as well. I am going to return the original goggles to Oakley. And I bought a new jacket last night as well, North Face Mountain Guide. I can't wait to go skiing.
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Just so you know Oakley nost defenetly has the VR28 lense for their ski goggles...the girl was full of shit...you can buy a vr28 lense at http://www.backcountry.com/store/OAK...Intensity.html
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