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Southern California Skiing/Racing

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My wife and I just moved to the Palm Springs area from Northern California, so I am in need of resort info for the SoCal area. What are some of the better resorts within 2-3 hours of Palm Springs, and which ones host regular racing events? Any racing clubs in the area that I can join?

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Thanks - I'll probably make a few trips to Mammoth this year (whose reputation speaks for itself), but I'm more interested in learning about resorts that are closert to home, such as those in Big Bear, Mountain High, and Baldy. If anyone has any info on the best of these resorts, and which ones offer racing programs, please let me know.

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Best places to ski in so cal, 2 -3 hours from palm springs? I'd say snow summit, and Mt Baldy (after a storm). I remember snow summit having some racing, although I was never involved with it.


Mammoth is too far for a day trip, but makes a nice long weekend trip.
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It has been some years since I have skied any of the So Cal Mountains. Seems to me they all now really cater to Snowboarding. I Know the last time I ski Snow Summit I felt very out of place on two planks. You might want to think about getting a backcountry set and taking the tram up to Idlewild
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Snow Summit has a informal racing league.I was told there are 15 to 20 regulars that meet 3 days a week to run gates.There are issues with using the hill on crowded weekends though.There is nothing going on at Baldy or Mountain High.Pretty slim pickings down here. Contact Thad at Alpine Sports in Big Bear.He can give you more info if your interested.The Snow Summit website won`t mention anything about masters racing. P.M. me if you find any new info on a local race league as I`m also interested. If we ever get enough snow make sure to go to Baldy.They have the best off piste sking in SoCal.
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Southern CA Racing

For the Palm Springs Area, Inland Council has an active racing schedule.

Contact Inland Council Racing League President Bud Allie phone 951-681-0612 or email at budallie@pacbell.net for more information and recommendations for ski clubs in your area.


Far West Ski Association (160 clubs with about 40,000 members in six western states CA, NV, OR, WA, AZ, NM) www.fwsa.org



2005-2006 Far West Racing Association Schedule
Central League
Rokka League
San Diego League
Schusski League
ULLR League
NOTE: The dates below are tentative as of 10/30/2005

Date Event Location
Dec 5-9 Rokka Race Camp Mammoth
Dec 9 - 18 LA Council Ski, Board, & Race Week Mammoth
Dec 10 - Sat GS - Rokka Mammoth
Dec 11 - Sun GS - ULLR Mammoth
Jan 7 - Sat SL - ULLR Mammoth
Jan 8 - Sun SL - Rokka Mammoth
Jan 28 - Sat GS - Rokka & Ullr Mammoth
Mar 4 - Sat GS - SOCALCS Mammoth
Mar 5- Sun SL - SOCALCS Mammoth
Mar 25 - Sat SL Rokka Mammoth
Mar 26 - Sun SL - ULLR Mammoth

Inland League Event Location

Oct TBA Season Kickoff 12pm till 4pm at Fast Lane Big Bear
Nov 10 (Thur) Mammoth Opening Day Mammoth
Nov TBA Blitzsnell/Inland Race Camp Mammoth
Nov 28 – Dec 2 Mammoth Masters Race Camp Mammoth

Dec 3 (Sat) Mammoth/Far West Masters – GS Mammoth
Dec 4 (Sun) Mammoth/Far West Masters – SL Mammoth
Dec 5 – 9 Rokka Ski, Board, and Race Camp Mammoth
Dec 7 – 11 Inaugural FWRA Keystone Nationals Keystone, CO
Dec 10 (Sat) Inland/Rokka/Schusski/Alpine, GS Mammoth
Dec 11 (Sun) Ullr, Giant Slalom Mammoth
Dec 9 – 18 LA Council Ski, Board, and Race Camp Mammoth
Dec TBA Blitzsnell/Inland race training Snow Valley

Jan 6 (Fri) Rokka race training Mammoth
Jan 7 (Sat) Ullr, Slalom Mammoth
Jan 8 (Sun) Inland/Rokka/Schusski/Alpine, Slalom Mammoth
Jan TBA Blitzsnell/Inland, race training Snow Valley
Jan TBA Blitzsnell/Inland, Giant Slalom Snow Valley
Jan 28 (Sat) Rokka race training Mammoth
Jan 29 (Sun) Ullr, Inland/Rokka/Schusski/Alpine, GS Mammoth

Feb TBA Blitzsnell/Inland, race training Snow Valley
Feb TBA Blitzsnell/Inland, Giant Slalom Snow Valley
Feb TBA Rokka race training Mammoth
Feb TBA Blitzsnell/Inland, race training Snow Valley

Mar TBA Blitzsnell/Inland, race training Snow Valley
Mar 3 (Fri) Rokka race training, - Tentative Mammoth
Mar 4 (Sat) So Cal Championships, Giant Slalom Mammoth
Mar 5 (Sun) So Cal Championships, Slalom Mammoth
Mar 24 (Fri) Rokka race training Mammoth
Mar 25 (Sat) Ullr, Giant Slalom Mammoth
Mar 26 (Sun) Inland/Rokka/Schusski/Alpine, Giant Slalom Mammoth

Apr 28 (Fri) Rokka race training, - Tentative Mammoth
Apr 29 (Tentative) Ullr, Inland/Rokka/Schusski/Alpine, GS Mammoth
Apr 29 – 30 Ski Club Appreciation Weekend, GS Mammoth



Dec. 3, 4 Mammoth Mountain
Feb. 11, 12 June Mountain
Feb. 28-Mar.3 Mammoth Mountain
Apr. 14, 15, 16 Mammoth Mountain



Resort Contact Times Ave Par Race Trail
Snow Summit 909-866-5766 Jan 2 & 30, Feb 27, March 13 25.50 Lower Miracle Mile
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My take on the SoCal areas here: http://members.aol.com/crockeraf/scalnet.htm. As I live here I have extensive experience with them: http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/vft_scal.htm.

I'm not that familiar with racing, but it's definitely in decline around here since snowboarding/terrain parks started to dominate the local scene.

My son is on UC San Diego's club race team, and his college league races are also at Mammoth. As you're from Northern California, I predict you'll spend lots of time at Mammoth.
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