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Loveland, Nov 4,5,6

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I and the Waist Steering Team will be skiing at Loveland this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We plan to meet with anyone who'd like to join us each morning at 10am upstairs in the cafeteria area. Hope to see you there.
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Wish I could make that, but I'm gonna be a bit late in arriving.

Any chance you'll be in the Summit Co area the following week? I get in Wed the 9th and plan on skiing Thur - Sun before I depart on the 14th. Looks like there's a few meeting an Loveland on the 12th that I'm going to try and hook up with.

Hope we can hook up for some turns!

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Yes, I plan to be skiing in Summit Co. while you're here. We definately should get together. Keystone and Breck are scheduled to open that Friday. Perhaps Friday or Sunday at one of them?
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Rick: A few of us will be skiing Loveland on Friday, but meeting at 9 in the cafeteria across from the Ski School desk. Any chance of hooking up earlier than 10 and taking a few run with us before meeting the others at 10?
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Sure, Mike, I'll try to make it. Is your group casual or clinicing? You're all welcome to join us too.
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Rick: Just skiing. We meet in the cafeteria at 9 across from the ski school desk. Looking forward to meeting you!
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