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South Eastern Skier

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Am I the only South Eastern Skier in the neighborhood? Is there anyone else on this domain that slides Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain or Snow Shoe? If so please sound off.
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No you are not. There are plenty of us here.
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I've been known to hit Beech, Sugar and Wintergreen on occasion.
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Another NC skiier here.
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Stuck in the SE too, but you will never find me going to the Shoe!!!
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The Shoe = Overrated & Overpriced, go to Wintergreen instead.
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Ullr & Mblacky are correct on Snowshoe UNLESS you go midweek and get the military deal I get. Then it's the best game in town from my neck of the woods. If not for the midweek military deal, it would be just as cheap (assuming decent price on airfare) to go to Salt Lake or Reno. Realize I'm only talking wife & I here with no kids.
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