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Length Negligible?

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I was hoping I could elicit some of the technical expertise of some of you. At what point is length of ski negligible? I personally have a relatively good idea of what skis I like and in general what lengths I like given the particular ski and its intented use but was curious how much difference does say 10cm make or even 5cm for that matter. I mean we are only talking about 4inches(10cm). I have seen and read on this forum so much arguing about length of skis so I was curious at what point is it negligible.
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No current manufacturer manufactures skis in negligibly different lengths. Even relatively unskilled skiers can differentiate between skis 5cm different in length.

However, that doesn't mean you can't easily adapt to a fairly wide range of lengths. Its all about what is best for the type of skiing you plan on doing and the type of technique you plan on using.
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