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GS ski length-need some advice

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I'd recommend a 175-180. You may have a tough transition, given that this would be your 1st real GS ski, in which case you should get the 175. But a 180 will pay off in the long run if you're willing to suffer at the beginning.
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Take a look on ebay for some great deals. Can get the "real" race room stuff inexpensive.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3638608141&category=21 246

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3638071335&category=16 062

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I'd second D(C)'s suggestion of a 175-180cm ski. I would also look more at consumer GS skis than race-stock. Consider this pair transitional skis and maybe pick a pair on eBay or from a racer who has outgrown them. You might err slightly on the more forgiving side and go with a softer race ski, so that if your form is not completely perfect you can still manage to pull out a turn. You aren't the heaviest guy, so while you may have the muscle, you probably don't have the mass.

The best option is to demo, but I realize that might not be an option for upper-end race skis. See if any of guys will let you try their skis for a run or two to get an idea of what is available. They probably have a quiver of old skis (if they haven't gone to the swaps yet) that they might let you try.
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GS ski length-need some advice

Hi. I am in the market for my first pair of real GS skis. I would like some help with sizing, as I have never really owned a "real" GS before.


Age 26, 5 foot 9, 155 lbs, fairly strong lower body relative to upper (I get 200 miles or so on my road bike per week in the summer, so my legs build up as my upper body atrophies ). Been skiing since the age of 10, last season was the first running gates. Currently about 60 days per year, 20 are race training. Last season I only trained (didn't have the money to race, but will race USSA regional races this season). Training on "real" GS sets with the local college team-not quite as fast as those guys, but not too far behind, and quicker than most of the Masters in the group. Decent technique, can carve cleanly in GS sets. Last year I was on a Fischer World Cup RC in 180 (the racecarver version). It was a good ski stability and smoothness wise, but it was suggested that I get good enough angulation and therefore could benefit from a 21 meter GS ski, rather than the Fischer racecarver with it's locked-in 17 meter turn radius. I tried a Head laminate (i-GS, RS119) in 180cm and loved it-carried much more speed from turn to turn, while still carving a tight line. It was more predictable and easier to adjust a line-all in all a better ski at race speeds. Based on that experience, it seems that I definitely want to "move up" from a racecarver to a real GS.

What size of GS ski would you recommend for me? The coach is putting most of his guys on 183's, but I don't know if that is overkill for someone of my size. Obviously it may depend on the ski-a retail ski may ski shorter than a race-stock model. Any specific examples of skis that would likely work in a certain length for me? I don't really have a preference-I figure they are all good, it is more of getting something that is the right length and is a good choice for the lighter racer (vs. the ski for the 220 lb guy who quats 550).
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