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New All Mountain boards- Legend 8800/Pro, Volkl 724??

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I am considering getting one more pair of skis to round at my quiver. I already have multiple pairs of race skis and a pair of 6*'s. I am happy with the 6 Stars but am thinking of getting something to compliment them. I want something for east coast crud days, a few bumps trees, etc. In a perfect world I would find a really cheap beat up pair of Legends (8800 or Pro) or 724 Pros and call them my rocks skis. This may be hard to do though!

I am basically just looking for opinions on these skis and a length recommendation. I ski 165 and 188 in my race skis and 175 in my 6 stars. I am 6'1 195 and pretty athletic. I have been skiing and racing since age 3 but have only recently gotten into buying "all mountain" skis with the 6 Star being my first pair.
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If money is not an issue, then by all means, get the Legend Pros. If it is, then I would pick the 8800 next, since you don't have anything remotely fat.
The 724 Pro is a great ski, but if I were you, I would go fatter.

Right now I can't see you getting new pro's for less than $600, if you can find them at that.
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Epicski thinks you need a pair of 162 metron b5's....

lol, just kidding.

I spent all last weekend at killington (10/29 and 10/30) on some 188 Dynastar (intuitiv) Bigs mounted with 11-17 din 997's...it pays to have good rock skis.

If you have to buy one pair of fat skis for the east coast, I would look for something in the 185-190 cm range, about 85-95 mm waist width, with a full sidewall construction (laminate or torsion box). A couple top picks:

186 Head Im88
186 Stockli DP or SS
186 Legend Pro
192 Elan m777 (this size only, not the 184)
184 or 191 Volkl Mantra

And there are others that I can't think of right now, but that's a good start. I would also highly recommend some race stock bindings, S916's or P18's.
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Thanks for the list. I would love to find something that was already beat up and therefore cheaper, so the more options I have the great chance of finding a beat cheap pair! The Legend 8800 or Pro would awesome, but I doubt I will find a pair in my price range...
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So any length recs on the Legend or 724 pro?
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I've seen some LP's on Ebay used for ~500 USD with good bindings (P18's) but that was over the summer, will be more scarce now. Personally I ski the 8800 in 188cm and am 5'10 200lbs (gut, not muscle ) and like it as my everyday ski. If you are going with the 8800, 188cm for sure no question given your size and that you are in shape. Legend Pro, depends where you are skiing, you could probably handle the 194 ok but the 186 will be more versatile. Not sure why you are comparing the LP/8800 to a 724 Pro, it's just not in the same class, if you are thinking Volkl, check out the Mantra (184 and 191cm lengths) which is the replacement for the Explosiv. It will be hard to find especially at a good price. Mntlion on this board is often selling used Volkl Explosiv's from CMH (Heliski outfit) in 180/190cm for really good prices, check that out.
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