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Atomic 9.11 vs. 9.12

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Anybody know how these ski's compare? I can get last years 9.11 at Sniagrab for 250 bucks, but have a feeling they wont be as versetile as the 9.12
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Trey "9.11" what the heck are those?, an old discontinued model as Atomic doesnt make a 9.11 they have a Beta Carv 9.10 this year and they do have a Beta Carve 10.11 but no 9.11 in any model of carv- ride or race. Then they have a 9.12 race slalom ski do you mean that? Its best to say what kind of Atomic ski your talking about wether its a Beta Carv model or Beta Race or Beta Ride model. This makes a huge differnce. But right now i havent a clue what ski your talking about.
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Thanks Pierre. Think I'll pass on the 9.11, but I can get a pair for you and ship them if you'd like. $250 plus tax and shipping; about 300 probably.

A good deal given that most Atomics I've seen for 02 are over $700 retail. Way out of my league...I did get a quote on the net for 9.12's of 530 plus shipping so maybe the 10.11's will fall in that, more reasonable range.
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dc9mm the 9.11's are called 10.11's this year. Check out their site for more info. Had to change the name after Porsche's lawyers came a-callin...

BTW seems to me Porche should have been more creative and offered an Atomic edition Carrera 4 or maybe an Atomic Cayenne but that's for another forum.........
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