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Extrem skis of Sweden ROCK

Poll Results: Has anyone tried Extrem ski's

Poll expired: Nov 9, 2005 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 22% of voters (2)
    Loved them.
  • 33% of voters (3)
    never tried them.
  • 33% of voters (3)
    want to try
  • 11% of voters (1)
    look good...where do I get them
9 Total Votes  
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Sweet O's and Big O's are an agressive attitude ski. done them and I reccomenf them. Check out www.extrem.se
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I've been curious about them. I understand that they have a US distributor this season. Since the season really hasn't gotten underway yet and most who post here are from the USA, I don't think that you will get much response to your poll. If you are affiliated with Extrem or just a happy owner why don't you explain what sets them apart form Armada, Atomic, Dynastar and so forth or just why you like them. What about the 5x5 and other models?
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I'm learning new idiom.

Is 'agressive attitude' kiwi for AMC?

A quick look reveals:

Atomic b5 131 76 115

Magfire 10 125 75 109

Snowrider 128 80 118 172 cm

Sweet O 131 82 117 174
Sweet O 135 84 120 187
Big O 135 104 120 187

5x5 120 83 112 184
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aggressive, attitude.

hey dude

They are an aggressive ski as they are extremely responsive and allow you smooth saling accross all types of snow. When I tried them it was a hard crusty morning and the edges were great. Sharp turns easy stops and nice moving accross the ice. As the day progressed the crud and slush come out and it got really chopped up. I felt these preformed well in all conditions...in all honesty they were great!

As for attitude ski - I mean the they are not for the weak hearted, even the graphics show an amount of attitude.

Not sure about the other ski's you have mentioned, all i know is the ones I have tried.
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They aren't that big here in Sweden either... (I'm swedish...) But i guess you see them more here than you do in the States. I haven't personally tested them, but i have friends who have, and all i can say that they are pretty good all-mountain skis. But since it is quite a small company they have been suffering from some quality problems, but i think that is fixed by now. The Big-O is a quite extreme ski, maybe a bit to big and a bit to hard to be useful, but the Sweet-O should actually be a pretty good ski in the US. It is very wide in the top and bottom so it's very good to ski powder with, even though it is quite narrow under the foot... Many who have skied the Sweet-O also mentions it's stiffness and qualities on hard snow and ice... So if you wanna buy an Extrem-ski, go for the Sweet-O, very allround in my point of view. Hopefully i'll be able to test it this winter.
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I have also tried the Big O at some demo days in New Zealand. Its a big ski, but also quite all round, but I agree the Sweet O is an awesome all, freeride and freestyle ski. I actually cant wait until next year now to get on them. Give them a go man....you will love them! When you do let me know how you go!
Stiff in the base I agree, and soft at the tip n tail, but for me (85kgs) it was a perfect combination.
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Originally Posted by CarlE
Hopefully i'll be able to test it this winter.
CarlE, please let us know how this turns out. If you can try some of the other AMC skis with a similar sidecut for comparison, that would be very appreciated as well.
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X Rep

I was the Extrem US rep for 1.5 yrs. The US distributor does not have his act together, cheated me out of commissions. He has no car, money or even business plan, does not have a clue about the industry can't even tune a ski... and has a bit of a temper. The company in Sweden is good, I meet and spent time with the production guy and owner.

Loved their boards and skis! the skis do have a de-lam issue they did work on it for 2006 helped some, but not all fixed yet.

If their was a real US distributor I would be still reping them even though the ski / snowboard industry is flat at best. Most honest retailers that I have know for years told me they are cutting back not adding new lines to their wall.

Did sell several pairs to and set up pro reps around Aspen, Vail, Jackson Hole and other areas here and their, but only 1 shop picked up our line on a trial basses and they only purchased 5 pair of skis no snowboard shop picked up the line. Also we sponsored a few good skiers and a US Snowboard team member that I put together the deal for.

In summery: If it was a stock I would short it (my bet they will not go anywhere in the US with current distributor)

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