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Rossignol Zenith Z9 Or Rossignol Bandit B1

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Some help would be great here.....

I'm an (intermediate to advancing)? skier (can do blacks without bumps pretty regularly, slowly getting into bumps) that is looking for a ski to grow into. I have last years Rossignol Zenith z5 that I'm trading in with the store for a different Rossignol. The knowledgeable store manager suggests last year's B1, I went in thinking this year's Z9. Any recommendations?

The Z9 appeals to me for the metal core, the carving enthusiasm, and the high speed capabilities (a problem on the Z5 even though I think I'm not too much of a speedster). Also the advertising suggesting versatility with the oversize and the large sidecut.

The B1 is suggested to me for learning the bumps, and as a reliable versatile ski.

My problem with the z5 last year was its sluggishness. I'm looking for something I can grow into. (I don't want to keep buying as I'm going back to school). I ski in the midwest, with a decent trip once a year out west.

(Thanks already to RW for advice via pm)

Is the Bandit B1 something I will grow out of since its listed as an intermediate ski? The idea of the Z9 listed as an expert ski suggests I can grow into it?

Thanks for any answers!
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Last year's B1 was an expert ski

I found out that last year's B1 was an expert ski... this years seems to be different dimensions, graphics and is listed as an intermediate to advanced ski... hmm... I wish I could demo (I know), but under the circumstances, I have to make this decision as is..
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I would like to help you, but I don't know what snow conditions are like in the mid-west. Also, how much do you weigh?

If conditions are similar to groomed Ontario conditions, I don't think you will find much stability at speed with last years B1.

If I could have only one ski and it had to be last years Rossis, and I wanted it to be stable at speed I would get the 9X oversize. It wouldn't be that good in bumps. I might just get the 9S oversize and live with the instability, 'cause the 9S just feels so good making quick turns. It would be my choice for eastern moguls from Rossi. Last years bandit is more flexible and easy going, and thus perhaps better to learn bumps with, but it is also not very quick, nor stable imho. These (9S and 9X)are caving skis, not really bump skis, but the 9S did ok for me. I don't think they are all that hard to ski either.

The B2, especially this year's from what I hear is definately more stable, but it is a lot fatter and maybe not too-well suited to bumps. I don't know.
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z9 vs b1

Z9 is a far better carving all condition machine then the b1. The b1 is a silky, turn slow , turn med and turn fast ski that has speed limits and snow limits.
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Thanks for the comments so far. I'm close to 6 ft., and around 165 lbs. fairly atheletic. Where I ski in the midwest, the snow is icy, and cruddy (in my opinion)
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Go with Z9 or VS Oversize ti. The z9 has a larger turn radius; the VS, a shorter one.
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