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While most of us are waiting for sufficient snow to fall, two books recently arrived in bookstores that can help pass the time:

1). Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun By Bode Miller as told to Jack McEnary
Villard Books, 2005.
Auto-biography. An interesting read that includes some of his personal history, his development and life as a ski racer and philosophical views on some things that matter to him.

2). Snowstruck:In the Grip of Avalanches By Jill Fredston
Harcourt Books, 2005.
The author is an avalanche expert who writes about personal experiences she and her husband Doug Fesler have had with avalanche prediction and control and victim rescue and recovery. I'm only on page 80 of 342 pages but it is a good read so far.

Coming soon, I hope, Bob Barnes The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing 4th Edition, and Weems new book Brilliant Skiing, Every Day.
(shameless plugs)