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Race plates

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Where can I find these? What combo do you recommend?

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You can find race plates on most racing skis

Sorry, but can you give us a little bit more information on what you have in mind. VIST is one manufacturer that makes very nice race plates and they are widely used in the WC and on manufacturing skis such as Head iSL RD.

Heres a link: http://www.vist.it/html/en/products_plates.php
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What type of skis are you putting a race plate on? You should be considering how you want the ski to feel after you put the plate on it. You also have to think about the qualities you want the plate to have as they relate to your skiing. How stiff of a plate do you want, what type of flex pattern do you want, do you want to allow for flex, or hinder flex, how much lift do you want, are you looking at specific bindings to mount on the plate, and as mentioned above, what type of skis (GS/SL). Your main offerings are going to be from Salomon, Marker, and VIST. I would evaluate what you think you need and make your decision based on that. As a beginner racer you are probably not going to want a stiff metal plate. Plastic is a good route to go. Also, you will want to choose your plate based on the type of skis you are using. Post some extra info and I will try to steer you in the right direction.
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Options Abound.

Some here and here and here and here but the one I like most is here

Oh, and Greg, thanks for the help!
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I sent you a PM, Greg.
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Reply sent.
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The VIST plates are the best but it depends on the application.
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